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For more than a decade, Wilson Perkins Allen Research has helped elect Senators, Congressmen, and other leaders. We've helped grow donor support for not-for-profit organizations; helped companies weather crises, enter new markets, and thrive in current ones. Grounded in traditional research techniques, our process integrates behavioral and data science with advanced communication modeling to guide your strategy so you can impact behavior.

Widely recognized as one of most accurate and reputable research-based strategic consultants, it's no mystery why Fortune 500 companies & top-tier politicians rely on WPA.

Our innovative research tools quantify and explain public opinion, then we partner with you to map out a path to change it.

WPA has pioneered methods to win countless elections and build winning strategies for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.


Smart media investments win tough races when small margins matter.

The WPA Suite of Services equips you to target individual voters with messages that appeal to their personality, based on their likelihood to vote and persuadability. The outcome is that you make smart media investments that are far more effective dollar for dollar than traditional methods of media dollar allocation and planning.  > Learn More Here.

Let's identify and leverage factors that motivate decision making.

Our proprietary Message Map tools actually evaluate the effect that specific messaging has on your target, we measure what changes their opinion, what motivates them to vote, to purchase or to engage. The outcome is an effective communication strategy that makes a difference.

We have market-tested results to prove that our methods work.

We've been leading the industry with innovative and leading edge methods for years.  Our research tactics have consistently been ahead of the competition, and our data science team develops new methods constantly. Download our case studies and white papers here.

Our blog is built by data scientists, pollsters, innovators & strategists.

Sometimes we blog about politics, tell stories, rehash fun media moments, share our polling and research facts, talk about important things or not important things, it's a good place to get to know us.
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