For more than a decade, WPA Opinion Research (formerly Wilson Research Strategies) has helped elect Senators, Congressmen, and other
leaders; helped not-for-profit organizations grow donor support;
and helped companies weather crises, enter new markets,
and thrive in current ones.

WPA's research is grounded in traditional
research techniques but adds the latest
behavioral science and communications
science discoveries to show our clients
how to change opinions and behaviors.

Romney would top Obama if 2012 presidential election were held today

  Obama’s awfully low numbers shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.  This isn’t buyer’s remorse; this is American’s realizing they’ve been scammed by a man who is fundamentally failing as President one crisis at a time. It’s ...

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With Obama’s image tarnishing, Democrats have the most to worry about

President Obama may be facing some serious issues with his image and competence within the public eye but Democrats facing midterm elections have the most to worry about. Chris Cillizza from the Washington Post stated yesterday that Obama campaigned ...

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Case Study: Hospital Feasibility Study

A mid-sized hospital from the south recently considered the creation of a new health care facility in Tennessee, and commissioned WPA to survey local residents to determine the perceived need, the best methods to attract interest and gain support, and the best strategy to eventually attract customers to increase market share.

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Mike Lee for Senate Campaign

Heading into the Convention, attorney Mike Lee, and businessman Tim Bridgewater separated themselves from the pack of challengers. The Tea Party had swept through Utah, and invigorated activists desperate for a change.

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