Universities/Academic Institutions

With competition between schools becoming more intense, academic institutions find that their ability to differentiate is becoming increasingly more difficult. WPA believes that data-based decision making is critical to long-term success at any institution of higher learning. Academic institutions need to differentiate between the perceptions, needs and motivations of prospective students and alumni. WPA delivers usable, concrete findings to answer important questions like:

  • What makes your institution different?
  • What compels future students to want to apply to your institution?
  • What motivates alumni to give?
  • What messages compel your alumni to give more often?
  • What curriculum are most desired by today’s recent graduates?
  • What messages drive alumni to volunteer/participate with their alma mater?

Whether it is a study to brand an academic institution, understand the motivations behind alumni giving, or to identify what motivates students to attend a university, WPA offers specialized quantitative services to deliver actionable findings and recommendations that faculty and staff can put into action.

How to restore broken connections with college alumni

                      Alumni that lose touch with their alma matter do so both intentionally and unintentionally. The ones that intentionally choose to fall out of contact with their college or university may do so because they lack the interest

Let Donors Know You Care

Constant email blasts are one of the top reasons donors stop giving to organizations and causes they support.  So why do fundraisers continue to blast their lists? Penelope Burk (who has a new book coming out on the topic) has some great thoughts . Fundraisers blast lists because they feel tremendo

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