Sports and Entertainment

Sports and entertainment constitutes a unique industry complex, and only a handful of professional consulting firms are qualified to offer advice to the real market players. From garnering support on a bond issue to building a new stadium, from designing luxury suites to increasing annual attendance, WPA has helped some of the better-known sports franchises in both the major and minor leagues reach their goals. Our success is based on our intrinsic love and knowledge of sports, and is backed by our proprietary methodologies that allow us to map the mind of the passionate sports fan and identify where the money and opportunities reside. WPA has aided critical decisions in nearly every professional and amateur sport sponsored in the United States; we have assisted teams and athletes at the SuperBowl and Olympics levels.

Hospitality and Restaurant Industry

The hospitality industry is becoming increasingly competitive and facing new business challenges every day. It is important that to thoroughly understand your strengths and weaknesses. The best way to determine this is through professional, custom market based research.

The WPA Hospitality and Restaurant practice has extensive industry experience and provides innovative research based solutions to your challenges. We help provide the tools that result in positive change and enhanced economic performance.

In this competitive marketplace the demand for outstanding customer service generates constant attention among management groups and property owners.. Our three part measurement of customer satisfaction is the best in the industry and has proven successful in many customer satisfaction circumstances and challenges. Customer’s choice, experience and loyalty are all measured by our qualified and experienced team.

The WPA approach and dedication towards the hospitality and restaurant industry provides you with the edge needed to stay ahead of the competition. Our collective experience and winning approach makes for a winning relationship with any client.