Today more than ever, the landscape for nonprofits competing for each donor dollar given is growing at an exponential rate. Understanding and identifying ways to motivate donors to give is an ongoing process that requires each non-profit to completely understand donor motives and what messages are most effective at getting them to donate more.

WPA pioneered the concept of Donor Enhancement Research™, a revolutionary research method that allows non-profits and foundations to identify who are the key donor groups, what drives donor satisfaction and what messages are most effective at reaching them. As a result, nonprofit organizations and foundations can implement the findings to strengthen donor involvement levels among current and lapsed donors. In addition, this research provides insight into what issues are important to donors, how to increase giving frequency, provide analytical insight into why some donors have ended their involvement and provide a method to quantify the best messages to communicate to donors.

In utilizing WPA’s Donor Enhancement Research™ non-profits will gain a comprehensive understanding of questions such as:

  • What are the demographic profiles of key giving groups?
  • What are donor’s perceptions of the communications they receive from these organizations?
  • What issues are important to these donors?
  • What specific issues or programs have caused repeat contributions in the past?
  • Who is most likely and able to upgrade annual giving amounts?
  • What are the specific issues that drive the frequency of these contributions?
  • What physical and/or spiritual “return on your investment” do donors feel they receive?

WPA partners with nonprofits and foundations of all sizes to deliver facts on whom to approach, when to approach them and what messages are most effective to motivate them to give more. With the results of our research, organizations can identify those donors most likely to give, enable fundraisers to confidently set priorities, accurately target solicitations and build a pipeline to raise money more efficiently.

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