Legal Research

WPA Legal Research ads key information to your trial preparations, including:

  • Understanding the impact of human dynamics, in addition to the law and the issues.
  • Exploring several theories and selecting the one that is the most effective prior to going to trial or mediation.
  • Rehearsing, testing, and honing your presentation before confronting, judge, jury or mediator.
  • Identifying scientifically which jurors have the highest statistical probability to support your case, and which ones will want to oppose it.

Your client wants you to provide the best possible representation, but no matter how strong your case is you always wrestle with the unknown elements that pervade the jurisprudence process.

The very best legal representation requires more than just a good feel for a case, or blind trust that your opposition will make a mistake.  It requires hard facts, scientific analysis, and penetrating insight into the minds of judges, juries, and witnesses.

Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research provides these benefits and more, giving you the tools you need to win your case.  WPA is responsive, nuanced, and experienced.  You know the benefit of having certain knowledge instead of supposition and intuition.  WPA will provide the certainty of scientific analysis and determination at prices that can be tailored to the needs of your case.

Case Strength Evaluation Research is designed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a case prior to mediation or trial.  WPA gathers and analyzes detailed information about plaintiff and defense positions with regard to liability and damages.  Both qualitative and quantitative methodologies are utilized to varying degrees depending on case complexity, the research goals, and budgetary concerns.  A detailed, four-stage questionnaire is used to measure individual responses to arguments over time.  Live or videotaped arguments are made in a brief combined opening statement and closing argument format.  Group deliberations are monitored and videotaped for review and analysis to provide the best possible understanding of the case before going to trial.

Some of the areas WPA specialize in include: