Government Affairs

Public opinion research, in its most basic form, has been used for centuries in democracies in the form of a popular vote. Now, however, public opinion research can be utilized in the campaign process to either shape a campaign or shape the perception in order to win the election. Public opinion research is also commonly used during the lawmaking and policy changing process to determine popular desires. Market research from Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research provides unmatched information that can make or break a politician, election, organization, lobbyist, or political objective.

This republic is based on the principle that the elected officials are representative of the population for which they were elected. Public opinion research is most important at the beginning of the governmental chain during the election process. A politician can use public opinion research to get elected in two manners: by shaping oneself to conform to the majority opinion, or by shaping public opinion to conform to one’s desires.

In order to be truly representative, the elected official must pay close attention to the desires of the population. In many instances, a popular vote may be held to give the public the chance to be counted. However, the voting process is very expensive and time consuming. Public opinion research can be used to understand more about the public, and its analysis gives a clearer perception than a simple vote of the people of the drivers and motivations of the public. Similar to an election, the results of public opinion research can be used to shape the practices of the government to conform to the public, or to shape the public opinion to conform to the practices of the government.

More recently, lawmakers and policy makers have been using economic impact analysis to determine the large scale effects of new policies and legislation. With more information about the economy as a whole, and how it will react to changes in the government, lawmakers and policy makers will make better choices for the future of any economy.