Energy and Utilities

WPA has conducted a significant amount of research and strategic analysis in the energy sector. We have shown utilities and other energy firms how to improve client relationships, retain their customer base, and win customers from competitors.

Many energy and utilities companies are paying increasing attention to public awareness of their corporate offerings, particularly in the areas of renewable and more efficient energy sources. WPA has helped energy companies develop public relations strategies that communicate a commitment to the environment as well as a sound marketing plan for products and services.

Our comprehensive understanding of lobby groups, government regulations (both current and proposed), public opinion, and environmental issues have enabled WPA to work successfully with oil, gas, petroleum, and public utility companies.

WPA has experience with the types of research necessary for utility companies, including:

Rate Case Research

WPA’s communication research ensures that all efforts will reach the right people in the right places with the most effective messages to drive opinions and change behaviors to improve your company’s image during the rate case campaign.

New Product and Program Development

New program and product launches are delicate public relations efforts that require the right touch and outreach with the right people. WPA’s proprietary communication techniques enable you to make sure your program is introduced so as to give it the best chance of success possible.

Not In My Backyard Messaging

With an approval process that is long and complicated, it is important to make sure that any new generation or transmission line siting efforts are supported by an effective communications campaign explaining to the public the benefits of new generation. WPA can assist in every phase of this process, from identifying publically acceptable locations to exploring and defining the critical messaging that will limit opposition to new generation or transmission line siting.

Industrial and Commercial Client Research

Ensuring the satisfaction and usage of key industrial and commercial consumers is critical to maximizing profit. WPA has extensive experience researching the needs and perceptions of key regional stakeholders to help determine the best ways to engage these types of large companies.

Demand Management Research

Balancing demand requires a detailed and nuanced understanding of consumer behavior. WPA’s techniques help identify the critical price and usage turning points that can cause dramatic shifts in consumer behavior, helping to ensure that your utility is operating as efficiently as possible.

Crisis Communications

With a background in political image management, WPA is very aware of the shifting needs and quick timelines that public relations crises require. Being able to rapidly turn around research that will provide a PR team with a complete understanding of how the public is perceiving an issue allows a company to get ahead of an issue, identifying winning strategies weather any storm.