Consumer Goods

Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research has offered helpful strategic advice to clients in a multitude of industries, including food and beverages, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, toys, music, and many more.

We have enabled our clients to develop strong brands, gain advantageous positioning in the marketplace, and realize success in their advertising campaigns and business objectives.

By implementing WPA’s unique research techniques, we have assisted clients with new product development, determined product lifecycle, and reinvigorated lagging brands.

Our use of Web-based research technologies has enabled clients to test new product concepts in key global markets without ever having to leave the United States.

Smartphones: the Way to Voters’ Hearts

As GOP candidates strategize after their August debate and Democratic nominees prep for their first debate on October 13th, one thing is clear: meeting voters where they are has become paramount in the 2016 presidential campaigns. Whether it’s Hillary Clinton’s super army of digital analysts or

5 Steps to Winning Brand Strategy

Let’s get this cleared up from the get-go, your brand is not your product, your logo, or your name. It’s what your customers perceive about your company and how you make them feel. After all, you’re not the only firm out there selling your product or service.  It’s imperative that you

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