Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research has proved to be an invaluable resource for some of the world’s largest and most influential associations and non-profit organizations. Through our experience and numerous practice areas, we have been instrumental in helping organizations like these raise their public profile and increase awareness, as well as assisting in developing and projecting an alternative image and martial public and federal support.

Values-Centered Purpose Assessment in Donor Research

Determining what donors believe to be the core purpose of a nonprofit organization is important when making appeals for donations.  However, in order to be truly effective in development campaigns it is important to understand exactly what that purpose means in rational real world benefits, emotion

Study Reveals Nonprofit Leaders Optimistic About Hitting Fundraising Objectives In 2012

It appears that nonprofit leaders perceptions of successfully hitting  fundraising objectives for 2012 are starting to change.  Bucking the trend of pessimism in recent surveys, nonprofit leaders anticipate a rise in giving levels and demand for services heading into 2012.  What’s more is

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