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WPA staff members are business people first and researchers second. We view ourselves as unique problem-solvers with relevant experience in implementing best-in-class solutions in numerous industries around the world. Regardless of the market or industrial sector involved, Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research enables organizations to achieve accurate, realistic, and actionable results.

Battleground Poll: Obama Continues To Be A Drag In Key Midterm States

Check out the numbers the Republican National Committee research team was able to put together illustrating Obama’s awful polling numbers on issues such as the economy, job performance, immigration, ObamaCare and the overall direction of the country. There is no doubt that these dreadful numbe

WPA CEO Chris Wilson debates the implications of Hillary's visit to Iowa on MSNBC

(video taken on 9/15/2014) WPA CEO Chris Wilson  appeared on MSNBC this morning to debate Democratic pollster, Margie Omero on what Hillary Clinton’s visit to Iowa and a recent WSJ poll showcasing a major drop in her approval means for her 2016 aspirations. Check out Chris’s talking p

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