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WPA staff members are business people first and researchers second. We view ourselves as unique problem-solvers with relevant experience in implementing best-in-class solutions in numerous industries around the world. Regardless of the market or industrial sector involved, Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research enables organizations to achieve accurate, realistic, and actionable results.

WPA Political Brief: 13 Days Before Election Day

(Fox News appearance from 10/22/14 – TV hit goes along with the political brief below) With friends like these… The great thing about elections is that, no matter what else happens, the days on the calendar continue to move and, eventually, we come to the end. Because we’re pollsters and i

Obama On 2014 Dems: "These Are All Folks Who Vote With Me."

http://usanews.co/president-obama-on-dems-these-are-all-folks-who-vote-with-me-politico/ With vulnerable Democrats in battleground states doing everything in their power to separate themselves from the president and his unpopular policies, Obama revealed the truth about them.  Regarding 2014 Dems O

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