At Wilson Perkins Allen Research, we are unique problem-solvers with first-hand experience implementing best-in-class strategy and communication solutions.   Regardless of your market or industry, WPA partners with organizations, causes or campaigns to deliver accurate research and analytics paired with actionable results.


At WPA we are committed to developing and improving tools that give our candidates and clients every advantage to win their campaigns by leveraging the latest developments in behavioral science and statistical analysis.

We provide strategic consulting that gives our clients the edge they need to win in all-or-nothing political campaigns. WPA principals have polled for over 100 current & former members of the US Congress and have a record of accurately predicting election dynamics and outcomes.

Our team of strategists and researchers use our exclusive statistical techniques to ensure that your committee is making the optimal strategic & tactical messaging decisions to pave the way for a successful campaign.  Our research tools will give your supporters the confidence that every dollar is being spent efficiently and effectively.

We use innovative public opinion research to gain a clear perception of the drivers & key motivators of a population. The results of our research are used to shape opinions to towards policies in question, or to shape policies to reflect the ideology of your population.

Since 1998, WPA has worked with marketing agencies, PR firms, and adverting professionals to increase both the quality and range of services you can offer your clients. Our White Label service lets you take on tasks and projects that might otherwise have been logistically or organizationally out of reach.

Whether you are managing an outreach program, building new churches, deploying a mission or directing church school programs, the ability to ensure you have funding & volunteers to fulfill your purpose is mission critical.  Let's talk about how WPA's Ministry Membership Research program can work for you.

We can help you develop PR strategies that communicate a commitment to the environment in tandem with a sound marketing plan for products & services. Our comprehensive understanding of lobby groups, government regulations (current & proposed), public opinion, & environmental issues have enabled WPA to work successfully with oil, gas, petroleum, & utility companies.

WPA conducts strategic research initiatives in all business and social segments: public, elite stakeholder, corporate, and media opinion. Whether you want to include a public affairs dimension to their market research, or simply get quick answers to pressing questions. We will help you accomplish your mission.

Strategic communication is a core competency of WPA. We are a valued partner to lobbyists, public relations firms, and marketing professionals by providing strategic insight from message development to placement; and use analytical techniques to identify the optimal messages, ads, and channels for your stakeholders.

Identifying ways to motivate donors to give is a process that requires you to understand donor motives and what messages are most effective at mobilizing action. WPA pioneered the concept of Donor Enhancement Research™, a revolutionary research method that allows you to identify key donor groups, donor satisfaction drivers and what messages are most effective at reaching them

WPA believes that data-based decision making is critical to long-term success at any institution of higher learning. Academic institutions need to differentiate between the perceptions, needs and motivations of prospective students and alumni. WPA delivers usable, concrete findings to answer important questions.

We help you understand attitudes among the public, thought leaders and legislators, when policies and laws impact your mission. We'll persuasively communicate on complex issues to the targets who matter. As a result, WPA clients can be more effective in lobbying, issue advocacy, and crisis situation response.