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WPA staff members are business people first and researchers second. We view ourselves as unique problem-solvers with relevant experience in implementing best-in-class solutions in numerous industries around the world. Regardless of the market or industrial sector involved, Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research enables organizations to achieve accurate, realistic, and actionable results.

Enough Already with Random Digit Dialing (RDD)

Donald P. Green, Yale University Alan S. Gerber, Yale University May 5, 2002 Abstract: Pre-election polls invariably use random digit dialing (RDD) to draw representative samples of likely voters. We make the case for an alternative sampling methodology, clustered random sampling from voter registra

The Contours of the GOP Field

A New Poll Shows the Contours of the GOP Field Fresh numbers suggest which candidates are likeliest to emerge from the party’s two main wings. This is an excerpt of an article by Charlie Cook written for the National Journal.  Click Here to read the complete article.     A previously

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