The Hill Air Wars Ad Review

Wilson Perkins Allen Research, in conjunction with The Hill newspaper, surveys a national audience of leading opinion-makers and political insiders every two weeks to measure the pulse of politically-savvy individuals regarding current political and public affairs campaign advertisements.

WPA asked The Hill subscribers to rate each ad individually with respect to several standard characteristics used to analyze the impact of television and internet advertising.

You can view ratings from The Hill insider panel, along with those from visitors in our Online Community, in the table below. Please feel free to rate each advertisement yourself.


We at WPA are very interested in what you think. Please view the ads and give us your opinion by rating each advertisement on the key attributes listed above. See how your opinion, and that of our Online Community, compares to the opinions of our panel of Political Insiders and The Hill readers.

To rate an advertisement:

  1. View ad using the dropdown box above.
  2. Rate ad on the key attributes using a 0 to 10 scale where zero indicates that the ad is not at all described by that attribute and ten indicates that the ad is very much described by that attribute.
  3. Hit the Rate Video button to submit your ratings.