Key 2014 Media Highlights




Chris Wilson Politix Op-ed

Politix-  Romney Would Top Obama If 2012 Presidential Election Were Held Today

Clinton UNLV Speaking Fee Survey 

National Review Online- Poll: Most Nevadans Disapprove of Clinton’s 225K UNLV Speaking Fee

The Daily Caller- Poll: Voters Think Hillary Clinton’s $225K Speaking Fee Is Unfair 

     Bryon Allen Energy Op-ed

National Review Online- Obama’s Out Of Touch Energy Priorities

McDaniel Poll 

BreitBart News- Poll: Chris McDaniel Shoots up to Eight-Point Lead Over Thad Cochran

NewsMax- Tea Party’s McDaniel Leads Over Cochran in Mississippi

Huffington Post Pollster- Mississippi Republican Primary Runoff Election Polling

 The Hill- McDaniel up in new Miss. Senate Poll

Georgia Runoff Poll

 The Hill – Internal Poll: Perdue Narrowly Leads In Georgia Senate Race 

 Huff Post Pollster- Georgia Senate GOP Primary Runoff 

Family Research Council Poll 

PoliticoGOP poll defies tide on gay marriage

National Review Online- New Poll: Contraceptive Mandate Unpopular

The Washington Times- A Most Telling Poll 

The Daily Caller-  Poll: More Americans, Women Oppose Employer Contraception Mandate Than Support It

BreitBart News- Poll: Majority of Likely Voters Oppose Obamacare’s HHS Mandate

The Weekly Standard-   New Poll: Americans Oppose Obamacare’s HHS Mandate

 Iowa Presidential Survey 

Real Clear Politics- Poll: Huckabee leads GOP field in Iowa

National Review Online- Huckabee leads Iowa

The Washington Post- Huckabee leads early Iowa poll

BreitBart News- Huckabee tops crowded GOP field in Iowa

NewsMax Media- Poll: Huckabee leading wide GOP field in early Iowa look at 2016

The Huffington Post- Mike Huckabee ahead in Iowa

 National Presidential Survey

CBS News - GOP presidential race looms large as potential hopefuls gather

The Washington Examiner - Non-candidate Huckabee ‘encouraged’ by poll showing 2016 lead

The Huffington Post - Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee Top New 2016 GOP Primary Poll

 The Daily Caller - Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee lead possible 2016 Republican field

In The Capital - 2016 Poll: GOP Voters Pick Rand Paul and Chris Christie to Beat Hillary Clinton

BreitBart News - 2016: Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee Tied for Lead in GOP Presidential Poll

The Washington Times- Sen. Paul keeps pole position in 2016 GOP presidential field; Huckabee second in new poll

 The Hill- Poll: Paul, Huckabee lead 2016 GOP pack

  NRLC Presidential Survey

Drudge Report- FLASH: Rand Paul wins Northeast Republican Leadership Straw Poll…

PoliticoRand Paul tops Republican N.H. poll

BreitBart News - Senator Rand Paul Wins NRLC 2014 Presidential Survey

The Hill - Paul wins another presidential straw poll

The Plain Dealer- Ohio’s John Kasich and Rob Portman fail to crack top 10 in New Hampshire presidential survey

 New Hampshire Union LeaderNHGOP: Rand Paul wins straw poll

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