Key 2014 Media Highlights



Chris Wilson’s Recent TV Appearances

WPA CEO Chris Wilson asserts that Republicans will take the Senate on Fox News

WPA CEO Chris Wilson discusses Obama’s countless policy woes and the midterms on Varney & CO.

 WPA CEO Chris Wilson appears on MSNBC to discuss Hillary Clinton’s return to Iowa

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 Chris Wilson Daily Caller Op-ed

Daily Caller- 18 Days Until The Midterm Elections, And A GOP Senate Majority Seems All But Inevitable

WPA Ebola Survey

BreitBart Texas- Exclusive: Poll:Majority of Texans Say Obama Isn’t Doing Enough About Ebola 

Chris Wilson Politix Op-eds

Politix- Why Election Day Should Be A Happy One For Republicans 

Politix- WPA Political Brief

Politix-  Romney Would Top Obama If 2012 Presidential Election Were Held Today

Clinton UNLV Speaking Fee Survey 

National Review Online- Poll: Most Nevadans Disapprove of Clinton’s 225K UNLV Speaking Fee

The Daily Caller- Poll: Voters Think Hillary Clinton’s $225K Speaking Fee Is Unfair 

     Bryon Allen Energy Op-ed

National Review Online- Obama’s Out Of Touch Energy Priorities

McDaniel Poll 

BreitBart News- Poll: Chris McDaniel Shoots up to Eight-Point Lead Over Thad Cochran

NewsMax- Tea Party’s McDaniel Leads Over Cochran in Mississippi

Huffington Post Pollster- Mississippi Republican Primary Runoff Election Polling

 The Hill- McDaniel up in new Miss. Senate Poll

Georgia Runoff Poll

 The Hill – Internal Poll: Perdue Narrowly Leads In Georgia Senate Race 

 Huff Post Pollster- Georgia Senate GOP Primary Runoff 

Family Research Council Poll 

PoliticoGOP poll defies tide on gay marriage

National Review Online- New Poll: Contraceptive Mandate Unpopular

The Washington Times- A Most Telling Poll 

The Daily Caller-  Poll: More Americans, Women Oppose Employer Contraception Mandate Than Support It

BreitBart News- Poll: Majority of Likely Voters Oppose Obamacare’s HHS Mandate

The Weekly Standard-   New Poll: Americans Oppose Obamacare’s HHS Mandate

 Iowa Presidential Survey 

Real Clear Politics- Poll: Huckabee leads GOP field in Iowa

National Review Online- Huckabee leads Iowa

The Washington Post- Huckabee leads early Iowa poll

BreitBart News- Huckabee tops crowded GOP field in Iowa

NewsMax Media- Poll: Huckabee leading wide GOP field in early Iowa look at 2016

The Huffington Post- Mike Huckabee ahead in Iowa

 National Presidential Survey

CBS News – GOP presidential race looms large as potential hopefuls gather

The Washington Examiner – Non-candidate Huckabee ‘encouraged’ by poll showing 2016 lead

The Huffington Post – Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee Top New 2016 GOP Primary Poll

 The Daily Caller – Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee lead possible 2016 Republican field

In The Capital – 2016 Poll: GOP Voters Pick Rand Paul and Chris Christie to Beat Hillary Clinton

BreitBart News - 2016: Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee Tied for Lead in GOP Presidential Poll

The Washington Times- Sen. Paul keeps pole position in 2016 GOP presidential field; Huckabee second in new poll

 The Hill- Poll: Paul, Huckabee lead 2016 GOP pack

  NRLC Presidential Survey

Drudge Report- FLASH: Rand Paul wins Northeast Republican Leadership Straw Poll…

PoliticoRand Paul tops Republican N.H. poll

BreitBart News – Senator Rand Paul Wins NRLC 2014 Presidential Survey

The Hill – Paul wins another presidential straw poll

The Plain Dealer- Ohio’s John Kasich and Rob Portman fail to crack top 10 in New Hampshire presidential survey

 New Hampshire Union Leader - NHGOP: Rand Paul wins straw poll

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