“The team at WPA are the best in the business and I am proud to have them as the pollsters for my campaign.”  Senator Ted Cruz

“I’ve worked with a lot of pollsters over the past 20+ years and Chris Wilson is simply the best.”  Representative Ann Wagner


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“Thank you Chris Wilson-the best pollster out there.  Spot-on numbers, great adviser, always available, solid team player. He nailed it.”  Attorney General-Adam Laxalt 

“WPA had it pegged all along.”  Senator David Perdue

“Chris Wilson is the best in the business.  We feel lucky to have had him involved.” Senator Mike Lee

Over the years- WPA has played a key role in how KCP&L engages with our customers.  From challenges like product evalution, message testing, policy issues- WPA has helped us debunk many falsely accepted truths and changed the way we interact with our customers by providing accurate information and actionable insight.” - Chuck Caisley

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