Chris Wilson

CEO, WPA Research

Former Director of Research, Analytics and Digital Strategy, 2016 Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign

Chris Wilson is CEO of WPA, a research firm specializing in impacting behavior by integrating innovative predictive analytics with advanced statistical and communications modeling.

As the Director of Research, Analytics and Digital Strategy for the 2016 Ted Cruz presidential campaign, Wilson is widely credited for playing a key role in Cruz’s triumph in Iowa. Wilson used a meticulous, technologically advanced and highly individual approach to reaching voters and predicting behavior based on ideological segments, personality types and the issues important to them.

Wilson’s political acumen and talent as a strategist has helped elect dozens of Republicans since 1996. Wilson has played an important role in every election since 1994, and brings that real-world experience to bear in analysis of the current political situation.

Prior to starting WPA, Wilson was Global Director of Research for Weber Shandwick International, the world’s largest public relations firm at the time. While at Weber Shandwick, Wilson conducted market research for Fortune 500 companies such as like Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Kodak, Wells Fargo and Boeing.

In addition to his domestic political work, Wilson is also very active in international politics, having served as a strategic advisor on campaigns in Israel, Russia, England, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nicaragua, and Turkey.

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