Bryon Allen, Ph.D.


Chief Research Officer


Bryon runs WPA’s research and data science operations from the Washington, D.C. office.  

When he is not in meetings or on conference calls, Bryon is an expert in multinomial choice models, partial and general equilibrium models, simulation programming and constrained optimization programming.

Prior to becoming part of WPA, Bryon was an academic microeconomist and econometrician, policy analyst, pollster, campaign hack and occasional ski bum.

Bryon is a tireless advocate for R and the joys of caret and ggplot2, though he is grudgingly becoming fluent in Python since all the smart people he hires prefer it. He is also starting to learn Julia just because it seems like the kind of hipster thing he would do.

If you don’t find him in D.C., you can probably find Bryon in Florida playing with his daughter, racing sail boats and falling off a surf board