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Since its founding in 1998, Wilson Perkins Allen Research has conducted over 3,000 research engagements in numerous countries around the world. We have helped executives and leaders from every type of organization – including 109 of the Fortune 500 – identify significant opportunities and make better decisions based on thorough analysis and interpretation of complex data sets. We have issued hundreds of press releases, been quoted in major media outlets, and have made numerous appearances on MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, CNBC, and C-SPAN.

Over the past few years, WPA has become one of the top two Republican polling and strategic research firms in America. This success has aided our ability to serve our corporate, creative and public affairs clients with aggressive and innovative methodologies. The same approach that has led to the success for our GOP candidates for public office is applied to meet any research challenge you have.

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Our Approach

Our approach to client challenges has been firmly validated by our unmatched success in launching new corporate initiatives and winning political campaigns, both here and abroad. WPA succeeds in arenas where there exist clear objectives, deadlines, and winners and losers.

WPA does much more than collect information. We interpret and analyze data to develop actionable strategies and tactics to best position our clients with respect to their competitors. We always start with the end in mind. We work with our clients to identify goals and objectives; then discern, from among many options, the most direct path to success.

We enact a phased methodology (collect, analyze, deliver, and implement) that is proven, repeatable, and scalable. It greatly reduces the inherent uncertainty of our client's opportunity and instills confidence in the implementation plan, leading to more effective results.

Unlike other research firms that utilize one-dimensional approaches, WPA leverages diverse skill sets and a vast collective experience in advertising, marketing, sales, politics, business, and operations to offer clients a unique and holistic approach:

  • We customize our work based on industry issues and the competitive environment.
  • We focus on solving problems, exploiting opportunities, and measuring success.
  • We are aggressive, hit tight deadlines, and often present results within two weeks or less.
  • We are available anytime, continuously add value, and become a trusted adviser.
  • We focus on the most appropriate engagement to meet the client's budgetary constraints.

WPA's approach is aligned with our end goal - to apply cost-effective methodologies in providing compelling analysis and insight to build long-term value for a client's enterprise. 

Our Proprietary Methods

WPA excels in a range of research methodologies, including both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, and a variety of analytical techniques. We have perfected our technical approach through our work with best-in-class corporations and blue-chip service providers – so we know they are effective.

At WPA, we view research as only a means to an end. Our sole purpose is to help identify appropriate strategies and tactics that will build real value for our clients. Our application of proprietary research is what makes us unique. A few of our distinctive solutions include the following:

  • Reputation Index
  • Message Mapping
  • Optimal Communications Strategy
  • Microtargeting
  • Donor Enhancement Research
  • Behavioral Modeling