Political Campaigns

Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research is a Republican polling firm that provides the strategic information that gives our clients the edge they need to win in the all or nothing world of political campaigns. WPA principals have polled for over 100 current and former members of the US Congress and have a record of accurately predicting election dynamics and outcomes.

WPA works with clients on all aspects of their campaigns, whether the task at hand is governing the United States or winning a critical local referendum. WPA can help you:

  • Monitor the public’s perceptions of  your candidate or issue
  • Identify emerging problems and opportunities early
  • Prioritize and refine policy initiatives
  • Develop new issues
  • Craft an effective messaging framework through our trademarked Message Mapping methodology
  • Develop successful responses to opposition attacks
  • Create ads that work seamlessly with your message and cut through the noise

WPA has earned a reputation for going deeper into the data than any other Republican polling firm. Our clients win because they have better information. Statistics is a science, and we are committed to utilizing the most cutting edge techniques as they are developed. That’s why WPA clients have won more consistently than those that work with other polling firms. And while we don’t take credit for these victories, but we are confident our work helps make a difference for our campaigns.

Click here to read “10 Myths of Political Polling” from Campaigns & Elections Magazine to learn more about what to expect from political campaign research. Also, see WPA CEO Chris Wilson’s article title “When to do a Survey“, also from C&E Magazine.

Mike Lee for Senate Campaign

Heading into the Convention, attorney Mike Lee, and businessman Tim Bridgewater separated themselves from the pack of challengers. The Tea Party had swept through Utah, and invigorated activists desperate for a change.

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WPA Political Brief: 5 Days to E Day

Today’s surf report… We’re less than a week from Election Day and things are looking really good for the Grand Old Party.  So now the conversation is shifting to what the definition of a “wave” is. The Left wants to set the bar high, so that a pick-up of a handful of House seats and [&hel

WPA CEO Chris Wilson appears on NewsmaxTV to discuss midterm election predictions

(Video appearance from 9/3/14) WPA CEO Chris Wilson  appeared on NewsmaxTV earlier today to rebut Princeton University Professor Sam Wang’s prediction that Democrats will keep the Senate this November (Wang gives the Dems a 72% chance of holding onto the Senate). Take a look at Chris’s

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