Customer Satisfaction

A competitive marketplace demands that every successful firm perform frequent due diligence in the critical area of customer satisfaction. WPA effectively and accurately measures the level of satisfaction among customers with regard to your product or service.

Customer satisfaction does not necessarily equate to customer loyalty; just because a customer is satisfied with a product, it does not mean that they will choose it over another. For this reason, WPA provides clients with the tools to measure both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. By simultaneously measuring these two areas, we can provide an organization with a comprehensive understanding of its customers and positioning in the marketplace.

WPA can provide you with the tools to inspire change and adopt creative strategies for capturing greater market share. Our in-depth interpretation and analysis of customer satisfaction data will provide a corporation with the insight it needs to make informed decisions in order to retain and increase its customer base and improve client relationships.

Our long-established history with customer tracking projects and programs has given us a wealth of experience in this type of research.