Crisis Management

Almost by definition, crises occur at the most inopportune times. An organization can become defined by the way it handles a crisis. WPA has developed a proactive crisis management practice area that helps clients develop the most appropriate contingency plans, both for crisis prevention and crisis intervention. Our comprehensive toolkit, designed to preserve a firm’s reputation and credibility, is developed and perfected based on audience reaction and feedback to different “what-if” scenarios.

WPA’s techniques and programs have successfully enabled our clients to respond to crises of substantial magnitude through our research-based analysis and structured reporting. We assist in addressing our clients’ most important issues:

  • What are stakeholder’s expectations in a crisis like this?
  • Do we know our roles and responsibilities?
  • Do we have a decision tree and contingency plans?
  • Can we develop/refine our messaging?

Five crisis management tips employers need to follow

Most employers are ready to deal with situations they expect.  It’s the unexpected scenarios that lead to crisis situations.  They can hit fast and have long term repercussions if not handled correctly. Here are five tips WPA recommends you follow in order to deal with a crisis adequately.

Why the Media Silence on Operation Fast and Furious?

It wouldn’t be surprising if you missed it, but the White House is refusing to allow a Congressional Committee access to a key witness in the ongoing probe into Operation Fast and Furious. Operation Fast and Furious is, of course, the incredibly stupid policy of letting automatic weapons find thei

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