Corporate/Public Affairs

WPA conducts strategic research initiatives for a diverse number of U.S. and international organizations. Typically, these studies are based on opinion research in all business and social segments: public, elite stakeholder, corporate, and media opinion. Whether clients want to include a public affairs dimension to their market research, conduct a public affairs-only study, or simply get quick answers to pressing questions (via our twice-weekly U.S. omnibus survey), WPA has the capabilities to deliver exactly what is needed.

As companies and other types of organizations carry out their missions, they are directly affected by the public policy environments in which they operate. We help clients understand attitudes among the general public, thought leaders, legislators, and others whose opinions influence the policies, regulations, and laws that can either help or hinder our clients in accomplishing their missions.

Drawing on our rich base of experience in political, corporate, and industry communications, we help clients communicate persuasively on complex issues to targeted audiences, the news media, elected officials, and the general public. As a result, WPA clients can be more effective in lobbying, issue advocacy, and crisis situation response.