Consumer Awareness, Image, Usage (AIU)

AIU research is an essential tool for gauging a defined market’s awareness of a product or service, the market’s perceptions regarding this product or service (and brand), and prospects for this product or service being used. Not only is this research vital for identifying areas of opportunity and gaps in the market, but it is also an excellent way of determining how awareness, image, and usage change over time. By establishing a baseline measurement, the effects of any subsequent promotions or advertising can be easily determined.

WPA can measure the awareness of your product or service among non-customers, determine image perceptions among non-customers and current customers regarding your product or service, and identify the means through which people become aware of your product or service. Through AIU research, you will be able to establish which factors (external and internal) affect how people view or use your product or service.

Essential to gaining competitive advantage, WPA’s AIU research is also used to measure awareness, attitude, and usage with respect to any competitive market offerings. Exact research dimensions can be used to measure your product or service against those of a competitor or competitors. This will allow for an accurate side-by-side comparison and for successful identification of areas of market opportunity, exploitation, and weakness.