WPA is an established industry leader in traditional and
leading-edge research & data science techniques.

practice_areasAs a result of our long-standing involvement in market research, election strategy and  diverse industry experience, WPA can offer you a unique, competitive, and comprehensive service-offering. Whether you are part of an election, a cause, a large organizations or a small business... We have the tools, intelligence, and analysis that will allow you to improve productivity, market position, and industry standing.  Partner with WPA to win votes, improve market share, enhance donor engagement through the most innovative message strategy service offering in the industry.

For over 15 years, WPA Opinion Research has been a leading provider of innovative research for campaigns across the United States and the world. We specialize in research that informs communications efforts to motivate desired behavior in voters, donors, or customers. WPA is widely recognized as one of the leading national polling firms, delivering the most accurate and timely results. Our deep bench of strategists and top-notch researchers are well equipped to develop custom-tailored, actionable recommendations and targeted populations that drive efficient and effective campaign messaging strategy.



WPA has been actively using mobile phone research techniques for years, even when the industry "standard" method of phone-based research still relied on land-lines.  We have worked hard to develop strategic alliances to make this a priority.  Being not only aware of the changing technology landscape, but leveraging this to improve our research tactics is just one of the methods that sets WPA apart.



Small margins can make big differences. One of the key elements that propels WPA research methodology to the forefront of our industry is our approach to weighting and stratifying in data collection.  We do not take shortcuts.  Our sampling methods are innovative and designed to produce the most accurate outcomes possible.  



WPA has a team of top notch strategists, data scientists and PhD's who are devoted to refining our methods and developing new tools.  Our innovative tool belt includes adaptive sampling techniques, our proprietary Message Map approach, Value Centered Issue Assessment, and continuously evolving Predictive Analytics tactics.  We can execute our research through mobile research, social media or any other conceivable medium.