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Over the years, WPA has established itself as a leader in traditional and leading-edge research practices. As a result of our long-standing involvement in market research and diverse industry experience, the principals of WPA are able to offer clients a unique, competitive, and comprehensive service-offering. WPA can provide large organizations and small businesses alike with the tools, intelligence, and analysis that will allow them to improve productivity, market position, and industry standing among their customers.

With Obama's image tarnishing, Democrats have the most to worry about

President Obama may be facing some serious issues with his image and competence within the public eye but Democrats facing midterm elections have the most to worry about. Chris Cillizza from the Washington Post stated yesterday that Obama campaigned in 2008 on restoring competence to government by p

Obama's low approval marks and the midterm elections

Check out what recent public opinion polling numbers say about Obama’s performance as president and how these numbers will impact the midterm elections for vulnerable Democrats. A recent CNN/Opinion Research poll  found 42 percent approving of Obama, one point below June, May and March; 55 p

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