In-Depth Interviews (IDI’s) are qualitative tools used when the population is very specific and/or geographically diverse.  These are one on one interviews conducted by our research team that follow a highly scripted but natural seeming conversation pattern.  To our participants, it’s simply a conversation about a specific topic.


Why Choose WPA

WPA Opinion Research has considerable expertise in utilizing thousands of in-depth interviews for clients in various industries, ranging from business owners, high-level executives of fortune 500 companies, community leaders and key opinion influencers and decision makers. Our team will recruit qualified participants to fit your exact project specifications and will conduct the qualitative interviews, ensuring the most accurate outcome possible.

Unlike many other research firms, the WPA staff member conducting the interviews is a senior level research, frequently the project lead. This means that the person conducting the interview can adjust as needed to ensure the best outcome.

Our in-depth-interviews can range in length (but are usually between 10 and 30 minutes), and can be conducted with an almost unlimited number of identified individuals, although typically the number of respondents interviewed is under 100, and usually are in the 25-75 respondent range.