In-Person Focus Groups

WPA has over a decade of experience conducting hundreds of focus groups. We bring the latest scientific understanding of how the human mind makes decisions, which informs every aspect of our focus group preparation, moderation, and analysis.

As with our survey research, WPA places a heavy emphasis on using the latest advances in behavioral economics to inform our approach to qualitative research.  WPA’s focus groups answer questions that quantitative research cannot, fleshing out the thought processes, the phrasing, and the underlying unstated motivations that inform consumer decision making.

WPA validates each and every individual respondent using our rigorous recruitment screening process, ensuring that 100% of your final focus group panelists meet the exact demographic, ethnographic and geographic criteria that you specify.

 Some of our Available Facilities

We can facilitate Focus Groups in one of our facilities, or we can coordinate a location near you.

 Online Focus Groups

Imagine being able to conduct a focus group in New York City, Los Angeles or even London within a 24 hour period without booking a flight or hotel. With WPA’s online focus groups you can reduce the costs and hassles associated with multi-state or multi-country qualitative studies.

As with in person groups, they are an excellent tool for identifying what "pops" among rival creative concepts and can be used to see exactly which words or information flow structure should be used to present ideas.

Why Choose WPA

WPA has extensive experience in presenting results of studies to corporate boards, government elected and appointed officials, high level executives and staff, and the general public in press conferences and press releases.  WPA excels in creating easy to follow graphical presentations for a variety of audiences and in different depths of analysis.  WPA prides itself in not only presenting information, but in creating strategies from the new knowledge and analysis prepared by its staff.

At a minimum, WPA will provide

  • Video Transcripts of your focus group
  • Complete copies of any materials or worksheets used during your focus group
  • In-depth analysis of what the results mean and strategies to take advantage of the findings
  • A PowerPoint presentation and report including charts and graphs, including methodology and detailed findings for your focus group