Our research processes allow us to analyze data as it pertains to the evolving behavioral landscape. Our research methodologies are based on years of experience observing trends and scientifically mapping attitudes and behavior against true outcomes.

The success of our methodologies, both proprietary and standard, lies in distilling large volumes of data into clear, precise, actionable insight and advice so our clients can formulate plans or make difficult decisions to impact behaviors. The observations and recommendations delivered through our proven methodologies ensure that you make decisions with higher levels of confidence.

Our clients make important investments in the face of uncertainty and risk. Our methodologies help our clients reduce and manage that risk, and enable them to succeed as they better understand opinions, attitudes and behaviors and successfully influence target audiences toward desired outcomes.


Some of Our Tools & Approaches

Telephone Surveys

Since 1998, we have accumulated hundreds of thousands of hours conducting more than a million telephone interviews.  Telephone polling is typically the simplest and most cost-effective method of studying broad populations, such as adults, voters, residents of a particular state or district, or members of a defined demographic group (i.e. race, age, party affiliation), etc. WPA utilizes telephone polls for benchmark polls, brushfire surveys, tracking polls and Election Day surveys of actual voters.  We use mobile phone or landline surveys depending on the needs identified as we scope out your project.  What separates us from the pack is the use of our innovative techniques both in conducting the survey and analyzing the results.

Online Surveys

On-line, web-based surveys are an effective mode for data collection within populations who are easily identified, and among individuals who are similarly situated.  Trade associations, residences of a specific area, a group of professionals, and Fortune 500 companies regularly engage WPA for online surveys to gauge how internal communication is being processed.  One of the many benefits of our web-based surveys is that participants can complete the survey at their own convenience, any time day or night. Participants will receive an emailed invitation along with a URL address and a one-time use user ID and password to participate in the survey.

Focus Groups

With over a decade of experience conducting hundreds of focus groups, we bring the latest scientific understanding of how the human mind makes decisions, which informs every aspect of our focus group preparation, moderation, and analysis.  WPA places a heavy emphasis on using the latest advances in behavioral economics to inform our approach, our focus groups answer questions that quantitative research cannot, fleshing out the thought processes, phrasing, and underlying unstated motivations that inform consumer decision making.  WPA validates each respondent using our rigorous recruitment screening process, ensuring that panelists meet the exact demographic, ethnographic and geographic criteria that you specify.

In Depth Interviews

In-Depth Interviews (IDI’s) are qualitative tools used when the population is very specific and/or geographically diverse.  These are one on one interviews conducted by our research team that follow a highly scripted but natural seeming conversation pattern.  To our participants, it’s simply a conversation about a specific topic.  Our team has considerable expertise in utilizing thousands of in-depth interviews for clients in various industries, ranging from business owners, high-level executives of fortune 500 companies, community leaders and key opinion influencers and decision makers. Our team will recruit qualified participants to fit your exact project specifications and will conduct the qualitative interviews, ensuring the most accurate outcome possible.

Message Mapping

Our Proprietary Message Map Tool is a powerful approach to analyze message testing data and avoid the pitfalls of traditional analytic techniques.  Helping campaigns or marketers test and craft messages is one of our specialties.  Many researchers use message testing techniques that rely entirely on self-reporting by respondents of how they would respond to messages.  Because of these drawbacks to traditional message testing, WPA has developed our Message Mapping™ analytical tool.  Message Mapping™ uses the same message testing sequence that traditional survey research uses with some critical differences.  The result, is that our analysis of the data set from the survey allows us to test each message on effectiveness, stickiness, and believability.

Social & Online Issue Testing

We have developed our online message screening tool to allow some rigorous scientific screening of options before we proceed to the survey testing. This allows us to evaluate numerous concepts, collect data and test the merit of particular concepts.  This approach is proven effective in commercial online marketing but we have refined it for application in politics and other sectors in a way that integrates with the other qualitative and quantitative research to maximize votes or donor engagement.

Conjoint Pricing Simulation

Conjoint Pricing Simulation is a statistical technique that we use to understand how people value different aspects of a product, a situation, and decision making.  We use this technique to identify the optimum price point and the most valuable product or scenario qualities before a new offering is placed in front of its audience.  The outcome is an accurate model that depicts the price ranges, features and other value scenarios which can drive your product or service strategy.

Value-Centered Issue Assessment

While knowing the issues voters care about is important, understanding why they care is vital for political campaigns.  WPA’s Values-Centered Issue Assessment is a key tool that effectively maps out the connections between what issues voters care about and the reasons and motivations behind those issues.  
After determining which issue is most important to a likely voter or donor, we use a series of questions which enable WPA to determine the underlying value of an issue and its solution. For example, if someone indicates unemployment & the economy are the most important issues to them, WPA's polls will help uncover the root of the problem (role of government, non-friendly environment for business, investments losing value, etc.), its impact, and the value of the solution.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a suite of tools for voter targeting, issue targeting, and strategy development and optimization that leverages the latest computing, statistics, and data availability.  We make these tools available to campaigns or marketing projects of all sizes, we can do this quickly and affordably by taking advantage of the broader & less expensive availability of detailed consumer data & behavioral data on voters.  We have developed efficiencies to create a lower cost of computing power to run very large datasets and complex models. Our team of data scientists constantly develop new, more efficient model fitting algorithms to handle large numbers of variables.