#TBT | What Corporate Marketers can learn from their Political Counterparts

Sometimes we use #TBT (Throwback Thursday if you’re not a hashtag fan) as a time to reflect on our past to reminisce, or maybe do a gut check… to make sure that what we set out to do is still being done.  I found an article in the office written by our CEO and Founder, […]


American voters to the Supreme Court: Let states decide on same-sex marriage

On Tuesday April 29th the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments on the very controversial case of same-sex marriage. The Court will hear arguments surrounding two separate questions: first if same-sex marriages are Constitutional under the 14th Amendment. The second will address whether states banning gay marriage are required to recognize lawful same-sex marriage from […]


New WPA Study: African-Americans and religious top donors plan to increase their giving in 2015

African-Americans and the religious top the list of donors who say they plan to increase their giving in 2015 10 February 2015 Angie Chui It is better to give than to receive, so the saying goes. Based on the results of a 2015 Dunham+Company Study, many African-Americans will gladly give more to charity this year, […]


WPA Political Brief: 5 Days to E Day

Today’s surf report… We’re less than a week from Election Day and things are looking really good for the Grand Old Party.  So now the conversation is shifting to what the definition of a “wave” is. The Left wants to set the bar high, so that a pick-up of a handful of House seats and […]


Hispanics Remain Optimistic About Their Economic Futures Despite Enduring Hardships

  During the last few years while the country has experienced economic low points causing some to question their economic futures ( I’m guilty of this), Hispanics have clung on to the traditional idea of attaining the American Dream, despite the economic hardships many of them currently face. What hardships am I talking about? Take […]


Do Your Customers Rate You a 5?

When a company looks to increase its profits the CMO will often look to expand the company’s market share.  This translates into focusing efforts into acquiring new customers and utilizing a large portion of the marketing budget in advertising and public relations. The costs associated for acquiring a new customer vary and depend on how […]


Obama and Dems Sink Lower

A new poll from Quinnipiac reveals that President Obama’s approval rate is taking a plunge and pulling Democratic lawmakers down with him. Among the findings: President Barack Obama’s job approval among American voters drops to a new low, a negative 38 – 57 percent. Obama gets a negative 41 – 49 percent among voters 18 […]


Americans Still Love Reagan

There are some things that serve as a reminder that maybe, just maybe, there is still some sensibility in this country. According to a Kelton Research Poll on behalf of the National Geographic Channel, Americans would elect Ronald Reagan over Barack Obama if they were pitted against each other in an election. HALLELUJAH! And not […]


Wilson Perkins Allen wins “Pollie” for Cruz for Senate (R-TX) polling

WPA’s Adaptive Sampling and Predictive Analytics key to 2012 success WASHINGTON, DC—The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) has awarded a “Pollie” to Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research (WPA) for the firm’s work on behalf of Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate 2012. The Pollie for WPA’s Adaptive Sampling and Predictive Analytics methodologies allowed the firm […]


Conspiracy Theories Alive and Well in the United States

  I’m not really sure who over at Public Policy Polling (D) decided that it was a good idea to test what conspiracy theories were believed by Americans, but I would like to thank them today. Most public opinion polls are about trending political topics or figures. Sometimes they deviate into things like sports or […]


Obama Running out of Obstacles to Keystone XL

Last Friday, the State Department released another report about the Keystone XL pipeline that offered no threat of looming environmental danger if the pipeline is built. The report doesn’t analyze the potential economic benefit of the pipeline or make any policy recommendations so we’re still waiting on President Obama. More than 40,000 protesters rallied against […]


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