WPA Political Brief: 5 Days to E Day

Today’s surf report… We’re less than a week from Election Day and things are looking really good for the Grand Old Party.  So now the conversation is shifting to what the definition of a “wave” is. The Left wants to set the bar high, so that a pick-up of a handful of House seats and […]


Roll Call: Chris Perkins joins WRS

Roll Call May 21, 2009 By Shira Toeplitz Roll Call Staff Things Are Perkins Up. GOP strategist Chris Perkins has joined Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research as vice president of the polling firm. A native of the Lone Star State, Perkins will run the Austin office and oversee the firm’s Texas operations. Perkins most recently […]


Air Wars Analysis March 26-31, 2009

Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research, in conjunction with The Hill Newspaper has conducted a survey of politically active Hill subscribers to determine how well several ads currently or recently on TV resonated with politically aware voters.  The five ads, which can be found in the Air Wars video repository, met with varying responses.  The first […]


Fanfare and Paparazzi

The McCain campaign launched their latest ad “Celeb”, today comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.  Spears and Hilton have careers made in tabloid heaven, have made their living feeding into the public’s fascination of them.  They have well crafted events and happen upon well-staged photo ops.  The public is mesmerized by them […]


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