American voters to the Supreme Court: Let states decide on same-sex marriage

On Tuesday April 29th the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments on the very controversial case of same-sex marriage. The Court will hear arguments surrounding two separate questions: first if same-sex marriages are Constitutional under the 14th Amendment. The second will address whether states banning gay marriage are required to recognize lawful same-sex marriage from […]


Fundraising tips for nonprofits

Competition. It’s a word that many non-profits have dreaded for years but have grown more comfortable with in the post-2008 fundraising environment.  Where donors may have been writing four checks, now they’re writing two, and you’re number three on their list.  Today’s non-profits need to constantly reevaluate the ways that they motivate donors.  While each […]


Non-Profit Technology: Trends You Should Be Looking Out For in 2014

Non-Profit Technology: Trends You Should Be Looking Out For in 2014 This year will be a great year as far as technology goes for the non-profit sector. Various communications and fundraising trends are now the mainstream and the organizations that take advantage of these technologies will have the upper hand this year.  Here are four technology trends non-profits should be looking out for […]


Volunteering Levels In America Fall To An All-Time Low

  Last year saw the lowest volunteering levels since the government has been keeping track, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Just over 62 Million Americans volunteered for an organization at least one time between September 2012 and September 2013, the Bureau pointed out, that’s roughly one fourth of all adult Americans. 2002 was the […]


WPA Study Shows Improved Finances Unlikely to Mean Quick Jump in Donations

“The Dunham+Company/Wilson Perkins Allen State of Philanthropy Study found that even though a significant  percentage of Americans said their personal financial situation has  improved, a majority said they do not intend to increase their support  of charitable organizations this year”. You can find more about the Study by clicking the link below.


Are You Ready for #GivingTuesday?

#GivingTuesday is almost here!  What the heck am I talking about, you wonder?  Well, there’s Black Friday for buying things for yourself at retail stores, and Cyber Monday for buying things for yourself online.  Giving Tuesday is the nationwide campaign to give something back to the world around you. Last year there were 2,500 partners […]


Shaming vs Empowering donors

UNICEF has a new campaign out.  It certainly has shock value, but it shames and angers the audience.  As we’ve discussed, anger and shame are some of the most difficult motivating emotions to work with. This ad can grab your attention, but it makes you feel terrible.  I’m sure that the designers are trying to […]


Let Donors Know You Care

Constant email blasts are one of the top reasons donors stop giving to organizations and causes they support.  So why do fundraisers continue to blast their lists? Penelope Burk (who has a new book coming out on the topic) has some great thoughts . Fundraisers blast lists because they feel tremendous pressure to keep the […]


Responsive Engagement is Critical

One of the things we do around here is try to help our clients build engagement: engagement with candidates, with brands, with donors, with the people who you want to talk to.  It is deceptively simple, but one of the best ways to do that is simply to show people that you care.  It’s the […]


Values-Centered Purpose Assessment in Donor Research

Determining what donors believe to be the core purpose of a nonprofit organization is important when making appeals for donations.  However, in order to be truly effective in development campaigns it is important to understand exactly what that purpose means in rational real world benefits, emotional benefits, and how those tie into core values. We […]


Nonprofit Fundraising Tip: Borrow An Idea!

“If you can’t beat them join them” is a common strategy for many marketers.  Why?  Simple, because its usually an effective strategy.  The key is to find the right “team” or campaign in this instance, you want to clone the most effective strategy or campaign.  With over 220 current appeal “exhibits”, SOFII  or Showcase of […]


Study Reveals Nonprofit Leaders Optimistic About Hitting Fundraising Objectives In 2012

It appears that nonprofit leaders perceptions of successfully hitting  fundraising objectives for 2012 are starting to change.  Bucking the trend of pessimism in recent surveys, nonprofit leaders anticipate a rise in giving levels and demand for services heading into 2012.  What’s more is that the report reveals even more positive news: an increase in anticipated staffing.  Blakbaud’s […]


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