Guns: The Liberal Soapbox vs. Reality

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. suffered an unimaginable tragedy on Wednesday, June 17th. According to police shots were fired during a Bible study meeting by 21-year-old suspect Dylann Roof, killing nine people. America is mourning for the innocent lives lost, their families, and friends. It is a time for everyone to reflect. […]


Monday Morning Polls

It’s always fun to wake up on a Monday morning to new polling data.  It’s less fun to wake up to data that purports to be objective polling and yet misses that mark by a good bit. This morning ABC News/Washington Post reported a new poll on King v. Burwell under the screaming headline, “Public […]


Obama redefining the electorate

As we’ve been saying since 2008, President Obama is reediting the electorate in a myriad of ways. As this recent data from Gallup shows, clear movement can be seen with Jewish Americans. The outright hostility of Obama foreign policy toward Israel is having a distinct impact as Democrat affiliation among American jews is down ten […]


2014 Election Interview

WPA CEO Chris Wilson sat down with Michael Carnuccio of Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs for his Sunday TV show.  Following are the notes from their conversation: Polls showed voters favored Republican control of Congress by a single percentage point. How did this actually play out on Tuesday?   Obviously it played out a lot better […]


WPA Political Brief: 5 Days to E Day

Today’s surf report… We’re less than a week from Election Day and things are looking really good for the Grand Old Party.  So now the conversation is shifting to what the definition of a “wave” is. The Left wants to set the bar high, so that a pick-up of a handful of House seats and […]


Obama by the Numbers

Courtesy of the RNC: A Look At The Numbers Behind Obama’s Sputtering Economy And The ObamaCare Debacle ​ $27.2 Trillion: Total Amount Of Debt Projected By The End Of 2024. (“The Budget And Economic Outlook: 2014 To 2024,” The Congressional Budget Office, 2/4/14) $17.3 Trillion: The Total National Debt After Five Years Of Promises To […]


About last night (in Virginia and New Jersey)…

So this is an election post mortem. It’s one of many. But hopefully it’s interesting and insightful.  If not, you get a full refund of what you’re paying for it. Some people (and I’m going to single out Dan Balz at the Washington Post here because his piece is the most recent thing I read, […]


Is the UN Effective?

It’s a pretty simple question, really. Is the United Nations effective in the modern world? At the time of its inception, the UN was deemed as an absolutely necessary piece of maintaining world peace, and for the most part, you could argue that its existence was a pivotal piece of keeping the Cold War cold. But in […]


WPA Blog Featured by the Marketing Research Association

Yesterday’s WPA Blog piece on the freedom of the 50 states was featured by the Marketing Research Association’s Research Nibbles under their Society Pieces. Thanks to the Marketing Research Association for sharing our work!


DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano Has No Time For Email, But Plenty of Time to Buy Bullets

If you’re reading this right now, it means you have internet access so chances are you checked your email before reading this or plan to do so once you’re done. Seems pretty standard right? Not for Secretary of Homeland Defense Janet Napolitano. That’s right, one of the most important roles in the American government is […]


WPA CEO Chris Wilson Gives Analysis on Potential 2016 Nominees

WPA CEO Chris Wilson spoke with about the potential nominees for 2016 in their latest piece: “Hillary is in a privileged position right now.  She’s spent the last four years in the public eye in a role where she got almost entirely positive coverage,” said GOP pollster Chris Wilson.  ”Hillary was effectively co-president of […]


Dumping 20 Ounces on Mayor Bloomberg

People make at least two common mistakes when talking about research and statistics that really bother me – and New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg has gone down one of these rabbit holes.  I’m not talking about complicated statistical procedures, such as how to interpret the coefficients of a logit regression analysis.  I’m talking about simple […]


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