Obama says there was no “hard sell” for Obamacare. The $700 million he spent advertising it says otherwise.

(Fox News appearance 4/3/14) From the moment he rammed Obamacare through Congress, the President has treated this like one of his political campaigns. He’s paid people to go out into communities and sign up participants for Obamacare, he and state governments have spent on advertising that talked little about the content or benefit of the [...]


Hispanics Remain Optimistic About Their Economic Futures Despite Enduring Hardships

  During the last few years while the country has experienced economic low points causing some to question their economic futures ( I’m guilty of this), Hispanics have clung on to the traditional idea of attaining the American Dream, despite the economic hardships many of them currently face. What hardships am I talking about? Take [...]


Obama and Dems Sink Lower

A new poll from Quinnipiac reveals that President Obama’s approval rate is taking a plunge and pulling Democratic lawmakers down with him. Among the findings: President Barack Obama’s job approval among American voters drops to a new low, a negative 38 – 57 percent. Obama gets a negative 41 – 49 percent among voters 18 [...]


Conservative Heavy-Weight Mike Huckabee Cites WPA/FRC National Poll

True conservative Mike Huckabee discussed the recent WPA/Family Research Council National Poll showing that a majority of Americans oppose the HHS mandate on contraceptives. Listen to Governor Huckabee’s radio broadcast here!


WPA National Poll Finds That Obamacare’s Failures Would Have Led to Different 2012 Outcome

WPA Opinion Research conducted a national survey of 801 likely voters to gauge public perception on President Obama’s promise that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”  Consistent with recent public data, WPA found that the 2012 election would have been different had Obama voters been aware that their health care [...]


But It Takes Millions to Run a Congressional Campaign, Right?

So many times people are afraid to run for office because they think the amount of money they need to raise is too daunting.  Unfortunately, many good candidates then decide not to run. In a recent article by Sean Trende, “Is the Value of Campaign Spending Overrated?” this issue is well researched and the facts [...]


A Good Looking Candidate Does Not Always Mean a Good Candidate

This past week, Harvard Political Scientist Ryan Enos suggested something that defied what many Americans have assumed for years: Good looking candidates don’t always win elections. I know – this is truly shocking. But the truth is that attractiveness is not a deciding factor for the majority of people when it comes to elections. The [...]


The Future of Immigration for Republicans

  Now that the debt deal has been pushed down the road (again), we find ourselves back to the issue of immigration in Washington (again). The results of these negotiations are important to Republicans because we’ve seen over the past two presidential elections that Hispanics are voting in larger and larger numbers, and the dramatic [...]


Liberal Bias Highlighted Between Ted Cruz and Wendy Davis

(Photo credit to AP Photos) Prepare for some shocking news. The media is biased. Yes, I know. That’s pretty surprising. But there’s more! The media has a distinctly liberal bias. Unbelievable!  Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the least bit surprising. But if you try to tell liberals that the media leans towards their side of [...]


Election 2014: Are Democrats Bailing On Obamacare?

The 2012 Supreme Court decision declaring Obamacare, aka the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, constitutional should have put the issue to rest. Only, it isn’t. Only, Republicans in Congress are still bristling at Chief Justice John Roberts’ unexpected deciding vote in favor of the president’s signature legislative accomplishment. Only, after more than 30 votes [...]


Obama, NSA Make the Case for a Conservative Mobile Phone Company

Earlier this month, James Risen and Eric Lichtblau of The New York Times wrote something truly astonishing. That it came in the liberal-leaning Times may be the reason not enough conservatives took notice. Read it. Then read it again. (Emphasis added.) “In Virginia, a telecommunications consultant reported, Verizon had set up a dedicated fiber-optic line [...]


Sacrificing Liberty for Free Nights and Weekends

In 1759, Benjamin Franklin wrote in his Historical Review of Pennsylvania, “They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Since 9-11 and the Patriot Act, politicians and pundits have batted Old Ben’s quotation back and forth so much that we risk it becoming a cliché.  Today, [...]


Scandals Bode Ill for Democrats, But It’s Very Early

  Jonathan Weisman and Matthew Wald write in The New York Times, “Since last year’s elections, Republicans in Congress have struggled for traction on their legislative efforts, torn between conservatives who drove the agenda after the 2010 landslide and new voices counseling a shift in course to reflect President Obama’s re-election and the 2012 loss [...]


The Real Causes of Shooting Sprees…Facts Show Its Not Guns

There has been much debate over gun control in the wake of the horrible shooting spree in Newtown, CT.  As a father of two, I cried for those parents who were left to have to bury their angels.  However, the media and politicians have jumped at the opportunity to exploit this incident to further their [...]


Running out the Clock

Many have noticed the directness, blatant liberal ideology and partisanship that characterized the president’s second inaugural address. Liberals have been happy, excited the president they always believed to be their brethren finally stated it out loud. People on our side are mad, not only at the prospect of President Obama pushing this agenda, but also [...]


WPA’s Weekly Political Brief

As part of our continuing effort to keep our clients and friends up-to-date on the political environment as we head toward Election Day, 2012, every Friday WPA compiles the key numbers from the week and provides analysis of key trends. In addition to the key political numbers, this week’s analysis includes: The illusion of the [...]


Polarization and Politics

Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake over at The Fix posted an interesting analysis of Gallup data showing that opinions of Barack Obama are the most polarized by political party of any President at this point in his term in recent history.  George W. Bush was second at this point in his presidency and also had [...]


What’s wrong in Appalachia (And what do we do about it?)

The early November statewide elections in Kentucky and West Virginia were something of a yawn compared to the excitement of 2009 where big Republican wins in Virginia and New Jersey presaged the 2010 wave that swept Republicans into a dominant position in the House and in states nationwide. In Kentucky, Republican nominee David Williams was [...]


Another Broken Fiscal Promise

First we were promised that the stimulus bill would save or create 3.5 million jobs and keep unemployment under 8%.  As it turned out, we lost 1.5 million jobs and saw the unemployment rate exceed 10%. After spending $821 billion on the stimulus, President Obama promised that his next big ticket piece of legislation, ObamaCare, [...]


Now that the Debt Ceiling is Raised, What Next?

Like many in Washington, we’ve been focused on the debt ceiling debate for the past several weeks.  The evolution of public awareness and opinion on that issue was fascinating to watch and the public opinion and electoral repercussions will continue to evolve over the coming weeks and months. But, the debt ceiling issue has been [...]


Democrats are grasping at straws to find any “success” around Obamacare

(Fox News appearance 4/17/14) Democrats are grasping at straws to find any “success” around Obamacare. The truth is that the law has caused people to lose coverage, made health insurance more expensive, and further ballooned the national debt. Now they want to pretend that getting some of those

New York State policy makers finally embrace conservative polices...hopefully that continues

Last week, New York State policy makers passed a $140 billion budget and did the unthinkable: they cut taxes. The most notable tax cut involves the Empire State’s corporate income tax in an attempt to curve the state’s horrendous business climate, ranked last by both the Tax Foundation and the M

To win the Hispanic vote Republicans must appeal to them correctly

We are still  several months away from the 2014 midterm elections, but both Republicans and Democrats are gearing up to win  the coveted Hispanic vote. Despite the voting patterns we have seen over the past two presidential cycles, Hispanic voters should be labeled as swing voters. According to fi

Hispanic support for Obamacare has dropped tremendously

The White House may be celebrating the 7.1 million Obamacare signups, but the law has never been so unpopular, especially among Latinos according to recent Pew Research Center data. During the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama, due to his campaign’s innovative survey and analytics techniques, was

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