#TBT | What Corporate Marketers can learn from their Political Counterparts

Sometimes we use #TBT (Throwback Thursday if you’re not a hashtag fan) as a time to reflect on our past to reminisce, or maybe do a gut check… to make sure that what we set out to do is still being done.  I found an article in the office written by our CEO and Founder, […]


Obama and Dems Sink Lower

A new poll from Quinnipiac reveals that President Obama’s approval rate is taking a plunge and pulling Democratic lawmakers down with him. Among the findings: President Barack Obama’s job approval among American voters drops to a new low, a negative 38 – 57 percent. Obama gets a negative 41 – 49 percent among voters 18 […]


But It Takes Millions to Run a Congressional Campaign, Right?

So many times people are afraid to run for office because they think the amount of money they need to raise is too daunting.  Unfortunately, many good candidates then decide not to run. In a recent article by Sean Trende, “Is the Value of Campaign Spending Overrated?” this issue is well researched and the facts […]


A Good Looking Candidate Does Not Always Mean a Good Candidate

This past week, Harvard Political Scientist Ryan Enos suggested something that defied what many Americans have assumed for years: Good looking candidates don’t always win elections. I know – this is truly shocking. But the truth is that attractiveness is not a deciding factor for the majority of people when it comes to elections. The […]


Some People Only Watch for the Commercials

With the Super Bowl now behind us, it’s easy to forget that something much more than football occurred on last weekend. The massive audience allows companies to reach unequaled sections of the American population. They have the ability to captivate the attention of over 100 million people at a single time, which is nearly impossible […]


Gaining Market Share

In today’s market place the consumer is taking a more active role in deciding the products they purchase, this is especially true for the health care industry.  It is expected that more individuals will continue to purchase health insurance or pay more for their own health care costs as a result of federal health care […]


Should Hospital Advertising Go Viral?

Although times may be tough for hospitals throughout the country, they still seem to be able to come up with millions of dollars for advertisement campaigns.  In the first half of 2011 hospitals spent $717.2 million on advertising, which is up 20% from the same period in 2010, according to the New York Times. Traditionally, […]


Values-Centered Purpose Assessment in Donor Research

Determining what donors believe to be the core purpose of a nonprofit organization is important when making appeals for donations.  However, in order to be truly effective in development campaigns it is important to understand exactly what that purpose means in rational real world benefits, emotional benefits, and how those tie into core values. We […]


In (some) defense of Doug Schoen

For those who missed it last week, Doug Schoen released a fascinating poll consisting of in-person interviews of n=200 Occupy Wall Street protesters.  The topline report can be found here and is worth reading in its entirety.  It provides a glimpse into some of the real lunatic fringe elements that are part of (but not […]


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