Political Update | May 6th

As part of our continuing effort to keep our clients and friends up-to-date on the political environment as we head toward the 2016 Election, we distribute a political update every few weeks. This week we are sharing some insight on Direction of the Country Obama Job Approval Hillary Clinton’s Favorability National Unemployment Obama Approval on the […]


Real healthcare reform starts with preventative measures

With the ongoing national debate over healthcare reform it’s interesting that preventative health measures, such as dietary supplements, have not made it to the forefront of the conversation.  If the goal of Obamacare is healthier Americans, there are surely far less costly fundamental reforms we could be pushing instead of overhauling one sixth of the […]


CMS to mandate hospice care surverys

Thousands of home health agencies throughout the United States have participated in the Home Healthcare – Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems or HH-CAHPS Survey. However, starting next year many of these agencies will be mandated to implement a patient experience survey with their hospice care. The planned CMS hospice survey differs from other […]


Obama says there was no “hard sell” for Obamacare. The $700 million he spent advertising it says otherwise.

(Fox News appearance 4/3/14) From the moment he rammed Obamacare through Congress, the President has treated this like one of his political campaigns. He’s paid people to go out into communities and sign up participants for Obamacare, he and state governments have spent on advertising that talked little about the content or benefit of the […]


Conservative Heavy-Weight Mike Huckabee Cites WPA/FRC National Poll

True conservative Mike Huckabee discussed the recent WPA/Family Research Council National Poll showing that a majority of Americans oppose the HHS mandate on contraceptives. Listen to Governor Huckabee’s radio broadcast here!


WPA National Poll Finds That Obamacare’s Failures Would Have Led to Different 2012 Outcome

WPA Opinion Research conducted a national survey of 801 likely voters to gauge public perception on President Obama’s promise that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”  Consistent with recent public data, WPA found that the 2012 election would have been different had Obama voters been aware that their health care […]


How Prepared Is Your Agency for Changes to the Medicare Payment Structure?

The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services perceive Value-Based Purchasing as an important step in restructuring Medicare payments so that there is a payment structure that rewards value, outcomes, and innovation to home health agencies instead of a payment structure that promotes volume of services provided.  As we can see with hospitals, where CMS has […]


Obamacare and the Partial Government Shutdown

Now that the deadline for a continuing resolution has been missed, correct messaging around the partial government shutdown is critical. The left will try to repeat the story of 1995, but this situation is fundamentally different and Republicans need to be prepared to message appropriately to ensure that voters know what was at stake in […]


I Rise for the People of The United States

Many people, especially the news media, are asking why Sen. Ted Cruz has taken the route of a marathon speech on the floor of the Senate to protest Obamacare, knowing there is little he can do to stop the vote from occurring. The reason is simple.  Sen. Ted Cruz has decided it is more important […]


Federal Employees Aren’t Exactly Fans of Obamacare

  It’s pretty difficult to get 9 out of 10 people to agree on something. There’s always at least a few people who just feel the need to have a dissenting opinion, regardless of the topic. So when it comes out that 92% of federal employees prefer their current healthcare plan to Obamacare, it says […]


British NHS Leads to 45% Higher Mortality Rate than United States

Thanks to The Telegraph in Great Britain for this excellent article on the death rates in the British National Health Service. As it turns out, socialized medicine isn’t quite the amazing solution to healthcare that liberals claim it is. If I had the choice between socialized medicine where I was 45% more likely to die, or […]


GOP Needs to Stop Obamacare Sweetheart Deals

It shouldn’t be a secret to any of our readers that Obamacare has not been met with welcome arms by, well, just about anybody. Representatives don’t want it for themselves, nor do the Senators. The American people aren’t in favor of it, with only 39% favoring all or parts of the provisions in Obamacare. Needless to […]


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