WPA Political Brief: 5 Days to E Day

Today’s surf report… We’re less than a week from Election Day and things are looking really good for the Grand Old Party.  So now the conversation is shifting to what the definition of a “wave” is. The Left wants to set the bar high, so that a pick-up of a handful of House seats and […]


New York Is The Least Economically Free State In The Country

After writing about the loss of economic freedom within the United States last week, I couldn’t help but ask myself “how economically free is my home state of New York?” I found a very insightful website called Freedominthe50states.org, created by scholars at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, that helped answer that question. And […]


But It Takes Millions to Run a Congressional Campaign, Right?

So many times people are afraid to run for office because they think the amount of money they need to raise is too daunting.  Unfortunately, many good candidates then decide not to run. In a recent article by Sean Trende, “Is the Value of Campaign Spending Overrated?” this issue is well researched and the facts […]


About last night (in Virginia and New Jersey)…

So this is an election post mortem. It’s one of many. But hopefully it’s interesting and insightful.  If not, you get a full refund of what you’re paying for it. Some people (and I’m going to single out Dan Balz at the Washington Post here because his piece is the most recent thing I read, […]


Unfortunately for Washington, All Politics Remains Local

American dissatisfaction with government is nothing new; we were, after all, sewn from the seeds of rebellion, and our disdain for big government has become as national a pastime as baseball. Americans’ growing angst over government’s growing girth should come then as no surprise. Indeed, as recent data shows, the bigger the government these days, […]


What’s wrong in Appalachia (And what do we do about it?)

The early November statewide elections in Kentucky and West Virginia were something of a yawn compared to the excitement of 2009 where big Republican wins in Virginia and New Jersey presaged the 2010 wave that swept Republicans into a dominant position in the House and in states nationwide. In Kentucky, Republican nominee David Williams was […]


Election Night 2011

Both parties scored victories last night in the odd-year election results.  Kentucky Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear scored, as predicted, an easy 56-35% win over state Senate President David Williams to secure a second term in office.  Democrats, except for the Office of Agriculture Commissioner, swept the statewide races.  There were no state legislative elections held. […]


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