Conservative Heavy-Weight Mike Huckabee Cites WPA/FRC National Poll

True conservative Mike Huckabee discussed the recent WPA/Family Research Council National Poll showing that a majority of Americans oppose the HHS mandate on contraceptives. Listen to Governor Huckabee’s radio broadcast here!


WPA National Poll Finds That Obamacare’s Failures Would Have Led to Different 2012 Outcome

WPA Opinion Research conducted a national survey of 801 likely voters to gauge public perception on President Obama’s promise that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”  Consistent with recent public data, WPA found that the 2012 election would have been different had Obama voters been aware that their health care […]


But It Takes Millions to Run a Congressional Campaign, Right?

So many times people are afraid to run for office because they think the amount of money they need to raise is too daunting.  Unfortunately, many good candidates then decide not to run. In a recent article by Sean Trende, “Is the Value of Campaign Spending Overrated?” this issue is well researched and the facts […]


Obamacare and the Partial Government Shutdown

Now that the deadline for a continuing resolution has been missed, correct messaging around the partial government shutdown is critical. The left will try to repeat the story of 1995, but this situation is fundamentally different and Republicans need to be prepared to message appropriately to ensure that voters know what was at stake in […]


Obama Doesn’t Trust “Them”…But Who Trusts Him?

Not two weeks ago, President Obama gave the first of three commencement addresses on his 2013 calendar—this one at The Ohio State University. “Unfortunately you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all of our problems. Some of these same […]


Wilson Perkins Allen wins “Pollie” for Cruz for Senate (R-TX) polling

WPA’s Adaptive Sampling and Predictive Analytics key to 2012 success WASHINGTON, DC—The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) has awarded a “Pollie” to Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research (WPA) for the firm’s work on behalf of Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate 2012. The Pollie for WPA’s Adaptive Sampling and Predictive Analytics methodologies allowed the firm […]


Jay Carney Must Not Have Seen the Irony

Today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney scolded the North Korean government for hosting for NBA star Dennis Rodman, choosing to host “celebrity sporting events” rather than helping improve the lives of its citizens. Now, I don’t want to compare the North Korean government to the Obama Administration, but surely Jay Carney had to see […]


Why the Media Silence on Operation Fast and Furious?

It wouldn’t be surprising if you missed it, but the White House is refusing to allow a Congressional Committee access to a key witness in the ongoing probe into Operation Fast and Furious. Operation Fast and Furious is, of course, the incredibly stupid policy of letting automatic weapons find their way into the hands of […]


‘Tis the Season (for lots of polling)

We’re now on the virtual eve of the Iowa caucuses and the busy season for the early contests in the Presidential nominating process in 2012.  You’ll be seeing a lot of polls over the coming days and weeks and many will give you wildly different results. Just in the last week we’ve seen polls either […]


An Exercise in Intentions: What the Congressional Committee targets tell us about 2012.

The DCCC has released its first list of targeted races for 2012. The NRCC has also announced some seats targeted for pick-ups. To most people these are just be a bunch of names that they have never heard of, but the target lists give us an insight into what smart people at the two committees […]


In (some) defense of Doug Schoen

For those who missed it last week, Doug Schoen released a fascinating poll consisting of in-person interviews of n=200 Occupy Wall Street protesters.  The topline report can be found here and is worth reading in its entirety.  It provides a glimpse into some of the real lunatic fringe elements that are part of (but not […]


Are You Really Connecting With Your Donors?

Whether you are running capital campaign or a nonprofit organization, one thing is obvious in 2011: the donation stream has slowed. Due largely to the soft economy, your goals now seem harder to reach.   People simply have less to donate and are busier than ever.  How can you ensure the funding of your cause in […]


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