Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light. Energy Efficient, Reliable, Affordable Light. More than 800,000 customers count on KCP&L to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy to power their lives. It’s a responsibility they take seriously. They demonstrate leadership in vital areas like environmentally sensitive power production, plant technology and modern infrastructure investments, and have consequently built a […]


WPA partner, Bryon Allen featured in the National Review Online

WPA partner and COO, Bryon Allen (@AllenWPA) was featured in the National Review Online for his energy piece titled Obama’s Out-of-Touch Energy Priorities. Bryon’s op-ed focuses on the the detrimental effects of the administration’s unpopular energy policies, highlights how the majority of American’s do not support Obama’s energy initiatives and points to the results of WPA’s recent national survey on […]


WPA featured in Politico Energy

(Image courtesy of http://www.ceres.org/) Forty-six percent of Americans don’t believe the U.S. energy grid is secure against a terrorist attack, according to a recent survey. The survey by WPA Opinion Research also found 45 percent say that securing the power grid is the role of the federal government, 26 percent say it is the job […]


Shale energy: revitalizing small town America

(image courtesy of http://www.lngworldnews.com/wood-group-inaugurates-training-center-for-eagle-ford-shale-workers/) The shale energy revolution has benefitted small towns all over the United States. Despite fierce criticism from the left, many hard hit rust-belt towns in Ohio and Pennsylvania coming back to life because of development in the Marcellus Shale. Look at Williamsport, Pennsylvania for example. Never heard of it? Williamsport is now […]


WPA announces the results of a nationwide survey on American energy opinions

As part of our continuing effort to arm our clients with up to the minute information about key issues that affect their business, organization, or election, WPA is proud to release the results of a nationwide survey on American energy opinions. One of the key issues that stood out to us was how important energy […]


Thank the Shale Boom for a U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance

 The U.S. shale boom continues to transform America’s energy sector and revitalize our economy.  Hydraulic fracturing, sometimes known as fracking, is driving economic growth through its appetite for steel pipelines, machinery, and other materials, all crucial elements needed to work the shale deposits found from North Dakota to Texas to Pennsylvania and New York.  Not […]


2014 Starts Off With A Big Week in Politics

War on Poverty and Obama’s Politics   Obama constantly preaches about income inequality and poverty; yet his policies have done little to change the overall poverty levels.  Some government indicators show poverty levels have been worse under Obama since the recession ended than they were before the recession under Bush.   Look, President Johnson’s goal […]


Obama Running out of Obstacles to Keystone XL

Last Friday, the State Department released another report about the Keystone XL pipeline that offered no threat of looming environmental danger if the pipeline is built. The report doesn’t analyze the potential economic benefit of the pipeline or make any policy recommendations so we’re still waiting on President Obama. More than 40,000 protesters rallied against […]


Understanding Customer Sentiment

Water issues are becoming more important across the country and it is important that water companies survey customers in order to sustain public confidence when rate increases are required.  Throughout the country water utility companies have submitted rate increase requests to the Public Utility Commission, which has caused public concern in many cities and communities.  […]


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