Moneyball Politics?

John Sides had an interesting piece in the New York Times’ FiveThirtyEight blog earlier this month.  The full piece is well worth a read for anyone serious about understanding the latest political science research on campaign advertising.  Here are links to part one and part two. Sides is a widely published political scientist and the […]


Conservative versus Moderate Strategy Unhealthy for GOP

Hours before Chris Christie claimed victory in the Republican Primary for New Jersey Governor, the Politico printed an article claiming that the race between Christie and Steve Lonegan was a classic moderate versus conservative battle: The contest pits two wings of the Republican Party against each other, with Christie widely viewed as the moderate conservative […]


Important Judicial Seat At Stake Today in PA Primary

Today is Primary Day in Pennsylvania and despite it being an off year election and little press paying attention to the election, the importance of the Primary today is huge. In November, the balance of the PA Supreme Court lies in the hands of the voters of Pennsylvania.  Today, the Democrat nominee has a clear […]


Maps for Hacks: 2010 Senate and Gubernatorial Races

Several new maps today from CQ, indicating a number of toss-up races for Seante and Governor.  This gives you an idea of how many major races are emerging.     Links to Senate Map/Gov Map


WRS Congratulates Jeb Bradley for His Victory in NH

WPA is proud to add another winning campaign to our list as former Congressman Jeb Bradley wins the special election for State Senate District 3. Bradley won the race won the race with 15 of 17 towns yielding a 61% – 38% win over the Democrat. The turnout was high for a special election as […]


McCain could lose popular vote and still win

There are two scenarios that could help McCain win the election, while still losing the popular vote: 1) McCain will earn a great majority of undecided voters, putting him over the top in all the states that have close races. 2) There is a real and substantial Bradley effect that will keep Obama from getting […]


The Closing Days

Tomorrow, we will only be 18 days away from a landmark election.  Despite the best efforts of Republicans and their deploying the most talented operatives and employing the most effective consultants, the Grand Old Party is facing significant losses at nearly every level. There will some surprises as several Democratic-held seats fall to lesser known […]


The “Energy” Election levels the playing field between McCain and Obama

The American public is more deeply concerned about the economy than they have ever been about the war.   The high cost of gas and related increases in food and consumables have had a direct impact on daily life.  Voters’ displeasure with the war was often without personal connection; that is not the case here […]


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