Air Wars Analysis March 26-31, 2009

Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research, in conjunction with The Hill Newspaper has conducted a survey of politically active Hill subscribers to determine how well several ads currently or recently on TV resonated with politically aware voters.  The five ads, which can be found in the Air Wars video repository, met with varying responses.  The first […]


Obama with skin in the game in NY20

The DNC releases an ad with Obama endorsing Scott Murphy for Congress.  This will be the first true test of how Obama’s popularity will be able to cut through public frustrations about the still faltering economy and problems with the administration’s stimulus (AIG!).  Polling shows this race as a toss-up at the moment.  Let’s see […]


No such thing as over exposure?…works only for Donald Trump!

Media exposure is not always a good thing, just ask Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R – MN6) whose comments about Obama and other Congressmen was taken out of context. This, of course, is not her first blunder, but is a tale tell sign of how bad the political environment is. When the public is unhappy with […]


Fox News: Chris Wilson discusses political strategy behind Obama “Embrace” ad

Chris Wilson appreared today on Fox News’ Studio B to watch the new Barack Obama ad titled “Embrace”.  Click here to view the “Embrace” ad Wilson discusses.   Some more thoughts on this ad: Obama is reacting, and is therefore losing. Everyone is kind of surprised, with the environment, President Bush, Iraq, and the economy, […]


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