If you’re the best, why is repeat business so hard to come by?

Your product is better, your pricing is aggressive, your people are the best.  So why is repeat business so hard to come by? Science has shown us that decisions are made emotionally and reasoned to after the fact.  Customer experience and their perceptions of service are crucial components of the emotion driven buying and donating […]


Do Your Customers Rate You a 5?

When a company looks to increase its profits the CMO will often look to expand the company’s market share.  This translates into focusing efforts into acquiring new customers and utilizing a large portion of the marketing budget in advertising and public relations. The costs associated for acquiring a new customer vary and depend on how […]


What do they have that we don’t have?

Forbes has a great new list out about the world’s most valuable brands.  At the top is Apple, surprising two time travelers from 1960 and no one else.  It’s easy to look at lists like this and think “well, sure, but they’re APPLE, they’re the big guys, of COURSE they’re going to have a valuable […]


The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

Sometimes companies are misguided by the notion that customers depend on them.  The truth of the matter is that we very much so depend on them.  Many researchers and academia have highlighted the importance of customers in today’s market. The level of satisfaction a customer has with a company has profound effects.  Studies have found […]


Netflix and Customer Satisfaction

The importance of customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly important again, thanks in part to platforms for voicing opinions on the web, such as social media sites.  The importance is highlighted this week as we saw Netflix in the news again for its tremendous drop in customer satisfaction ratings, which plummeted along with stock prices over […]


Understanding Customer Sentiment

Water issues are becoming more important across the country and it is important that water companies survey customers in order to sustain public confidence when rate increases are required.  Throughout the country water utility companies have submitted rate increase requests to the Public Utility Commission, which has caused public concern in many cities and communities.  […]


Data Visualization (or why pretty pictures matter)

As researchers, we often find ourselves immersed in numbers.  We’re comfortable with numbers because they are our product.  We sell them, wage campaigns with them, fall back on them, and are generally surrounded by them all day, every day.  So it’s important to step outside that perspective from time to time and remember that not […]


Value-Based Purchasing – Hospital Accountability for Cost and Quality of Care

A term that is commonly being used in the health world is value-based purchasing.  Value-based purchasing is a program authorized by the Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act of 2010 that gives the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) the power to base a portion of hospital reimbursement payments on how well hospitals perform.   […]


NBA Negotiations

Over the past few years, Oklahomans have become some of the best NBA fans in the country, receiving accolades from the media for their college-like enthusiasm at home games since the Thunder were brought from Seattle.  And the Thunder have done their part, moving from one of the worst teams in the league to the […]


Are You Really Connecting With Your Donors?

Whether you are running capital campaign or a nonprofit organization, one thing is obvious in 2011: the donation stream has slowed. Due largely to the soft economy, your goals now seem harder to reach.   People simply have less to donate and are busier than ever.  How can you ensure the funding of your cause in […]


Conference Realignment and Donations

As college conferences seem to be steadying a bit, and the Big 12 looks like it may stick together for a while, it is worth taking a look at how higher education donors are affected by sports, and whether conference alignment has an impact on more than just dollars from television deals.  Many colleges and […]


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