Five crisis management tips employers need to follow

Most employers are ready to deal with situations they expect.  It’s the unexpected scenarios that lead to crisis situations.  They can hit fast and have long term repercussions if not handled correctly. Here are five tips WPA recommends you follow in order to deal with a crisis adequately. Make sure you’re ready to handle a crisis, […]


Why the Media Silence on Operation Fast and Furious?

It wouldn’t be surprising if you missed it, but the White House is refusing to allow a Congressional Committee access to a key witness in the ongoing probe into Operation Fast and Furious. Operation Fast and Furious is, of course, the incredibly stupid policy of letting automatic weapons find their way into the hands of […]


Netflix and Customer Satisfaction

The importance of customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly important again, thanks in part to platforms for voicing opinions on the web, such as social media sites.  The importance is highlighted this week as we saw Netflix in the news again for its tremendous drop in customer satisfaction ratings, which plummeted along with stock prices over […]


In (some) defense of Doug Schoen

For those who missed it last week, Doug Schoen released a fascinating poll consisting of in-person interviews of n=200 Occupy Wall Street protesters.  The topline report can be found here and is worth reading in its entirety.  It provides a glimpse into some of the real lunatic fringe elements that are part of (but not […]


NBA Negotiations

Over the past few years, Oklahomans have become some of the best NBA fans in the country, receiving accolades from the media for their college-like enthusiasm at home games since the Thunder were brought from Seattle.  And the Thunder have done their part, moving from one of the worst teams in the league to the […]


Study Reveals Nonprofit Leaders Optimistic About Hitting Fundraising Objectives In 2012

It appears that nonprofit leaders perceptions of successfully hitting  fundraising objectives for 2012 are starting to change.  Bucking the trend of pessimism in recent surveys, nonprofit leaders anticipate a rise in giving levels and demand for services heading into 2012.  What’s more is that the report reveals even more positive news: an increase in anticipated staffing.  Blakbaud’s […]


Are You Really Connecting With Your Donors?

Whether you are running capital campaign or a nonprofit organization, one thing is obvious in 2011: the donation stream has slowed. Due largely to the soft economy, your goals now seem harder to reach.   People simply have less to donate and are busier than ever.  How can you ensure the funding of your cause in […]


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