Smartphones: the Way to Voters’ Hearts

As GOP candidates strategize after their August debate and Democratic nominees prep for their first debate on October 13th, one thing is clear: meeting voters where they are has become paramount in the 2016 presidential campaigns. Whether it’s Hillary Clinton’s super army of digital analysts or Rand Paul’s “Republican Internet” team, every candidate sees the […]


Do Your Customers Rate You a 5?

When a company looks to increase its profits the CMO will often look to expand the company’s market share.  This translates into focusing efforts into acquiring new customers and utilizing a large portion of the marketing budget in advertising and public relations. The costs associated for acquiring a new customer vary and depend on how […]


Dumping 20 Ounces on Mayor Bloomberg

People make at least two common mistakes when talking about research and statistics that really bother me – and New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg has gone down one of these rabbit holes.  I’m not talking about complicated statistical procedures, such as how to interpret the coefficients of a logit regression analysis.  I’m talking about simple […]


Some People Only Watch for the Commercials

With the Super Bowl now behind us, it’s easy to forget that something much more than football occurred on last weekend. The massive audience allows companies to reach unequaled sections of the American population. They have the ability to captivate the attention of over 100 million people at a single time, which is nearly impossible […]


The 3 Greatest Missed Opportunities of the Super Bowl

This weekend Americans everywhere will overwhelmingly gather and participate in the cultural phenomenon known as the Super Bowl.  Football fans will hope for a good game, non-football fans will hope for good commercials, and I’ll be hoping the Giants and Patriots fans in the room with me don’t get violent.  But the biggest missed opportunities […]


Gaining Market Share

In today’s market place the consumer is taking a more active role in deciding the products they purchase, this is especially true for the health care industry.  It is expected that more individuals will continue to purchase health insurance or pay more for their own health care costs as a result of federal health care […]


Should Hospital Advertising Go Viral?

Although times may be tough for hospitals throughout the country, they still seem to be able to come up with millions of dollars for advertisement campaigns.  In the first half of 2011 hospitals spent $717.2 million on advertising, which is up 20% from the same period in 2010, according to the New York Times. Traditionally, […]


NBA Negotiations

Over the past few years, Oklahomans have become some of the best NBA fans in the country, receiving accolades from the media for their college-like enthusiasm at home games since the Thunder were brought from Seattle.  And the Thunder have done their part, moving from one of the worst teams in the league to the […]


Study Reveals Nonprofit Leaders Optimistic About Hitting Fundraising Objectives In 2012

It appears that nonprofit leaders perceptions of successfully hitting  fundraising objectives for 2012 are starting to change.  Bucking the trend of pessimism in recent surveys, nonprofit leaders anticipate a rise in giving levels and demand for services heading into 2012.  What’s more is that the report reveals even more positive news: an increase in anticipated staffing.  Blakbaud’s […]


Are You Really Connecting With Your Donors?

Whether you are running capital campaign or a nonprofit organization, one thing is obvious in 2011: the donation stream has slowed. Due largely to the soft economy, your goals now seem harder to reach.   People simply have less to donate and are busier than ever.  How can you ensure the funding of your cause in […]


Conference Realignment and Donations

As college conferences seem to be steadying a bit, and the Big 12 looks like it may stick together for a while, it is worth taking a look at how higher education donors are affected by sports, and whether conference alignment has an impact on more than just dollars from television deals.  Many colleges and […]


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