Study Reveals Nonprofit Leaders Optimistic About Hitting Fundraising Objectives In 2012

It appears that nonprofit leaders perceptions of successfully hitting  fundraising objectives for 2012 are starting to change.  Bucking the trend of pessimism in recent surveys, nonprofit leaders anticipate a rise in giving levels and demand for services heading into 2012.  What’s more is that the report reveals even more positive news: an increase in anticipated staffing.  Blakbaud’s […]


Obama: hello, world

So Barack Obama had his Berlin moment today, and while it was neither “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” nor “Ich bin ein Berliner”, it was a landmark in its own way. But since we’re 21st century digital short attention span types here at the Political Insider Journal, we just […]


Presidential Christian Voters Split Along Age, Racial Lines

WASHINGTON, DC –  According to a nationwide study released today by Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research (WPA), although Christian adults favor McCain (44%-27%), there is no overwhelming consensus. “Several reports and news stories have suggested McCain is going to have trouble pinning down the Christian vote” said WPA CEO Chris Wilson following the release of […]


WRS Survey on Charitable Giving

We’ve had significant coverage on our recent survey on the impact of the economy on charitable giving conducted for Dunham + Company.  Here is the article on CNBC: Economic Downturn Takes Toll on Charitable Giving Among Christian Community. One thing not covered is a specific of the methodology.  We were commissioned to conduct this research study […]


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