Do Your Customers Rate You a 5?

When a company looks to increase its profits the CMO will often look to expand the company’s market share.  This translates into focusing efforts into acquiring new customers and utilizing a large portion of the marketing budget in advertising and public relations. The costs associated for acquiring a new customer vary and depend on how […]


The “Daughter Effect” on Party Affiliation.

Two sociologists have conducted a study into whether or not the sex and birth order of children have any effect on the party affiliation of their parents. They concluded that having more daughters than sons, and having a daughter first, increases the chances that parents will identify with the Republican Party. This “daughter effect” is […]


A Good Looking Candidate Does Not Always Mean a Good Candidate

This past week, Harvard Political Scientist Ryan Enos suggested something that defied what many Americans have assumed for years: Good looking candidates don’t always win elections. I know – this is truly shocking. But the truth is that attractiveness is not a deciding factor for the majority of people when it comes to elections. The […]


WPA Leading Effort to Fill GOP Void in Behavioral Science

In a new article from the American Enterprise Institute, Rich Thau and Celeste Gregory lament what they see as liberal dominance in the practical application of behavioral science in politics. Thau and Gregory note that “conservatives have failed to follow up on their success three decades ago with the psychology of ‘broken windows,’” and then […]


Shaming vs Empowering donors

UNICEF has a new campaign out.  It certainly has shock value, but it shames and angers the audience.  As we’ve discussed, anger and shame are some of the most difficult motivating emotions to work with. This ad can grab your attention, but it makes you feel terrible.  I’m sure that the designers are trying to […]


The Eight Primary Emotions and Marketing

Emotion is the express lane to decision making, so reviewing how they can be used is always worth your time.  The very readable Brain Juicer had a great recap of the eight primary emotions and the role they can play in marketing.  Head over there for the detailed breakdowns, but the quick snapshots are below. […]


The Real Causes of Shooting Sprees…Facts Show Its Not Guns

There has been much debate over gun control in the wake of the horrible shooting spree in Newtown, CT.  As a father of two, I cried for those parents who were left to have to bury their angels.  However, the media and politicians have jumped at the opportunity to exploit this incident to further their […]


Not everyone got it all wrong (notes from our analysis of results and thoughts on a path forward)

An analysis of a WPA results, national results, and how pollsters need to approach the future.  By Chris Wilson and Bryon Allen More than three months after Election Day 2012, many Republicans are still grousing about the victory that wasn’t. Attend any meeting of party leaders or consultants and the same stories are rehashed: on […]


Polarization and Politics

Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake over at The Fix posted an interesting analysis of Gallup data showing that opinions of Barack Obama are the most polarized by political party of any President at this point in his term in recent history.  George W. Bush was second at this point in his presidency and also had […]


3 Things to Remember About Attention Spans

Attention span is an often under-looked aspect of research, yet its effects permeate everything we do.  People are constantly bombarded by new information and their attention is frequently sought in the wrong ways.  With that in mind, here are 3 things to remember about attention spans. 1)      People are lazy.  Most of us will take […]


2011: Less Change Than They Thought

Year’s end is usually a time for introspection.  At the end of every year my wife and I, as do many people, review where we thought we’d be at the beginning of the year and compare it to what actually happened.  It might be a useful task to apply the same introspection to a very […]


‘Tis the Season (for lots of polling)

We’re now on the virtual eve of the Iowa caucuses and the busy season for the early contests in the Presidential nominating process in 2012.  You’ll be seeing a lot of polls over the coming days and weeks and many will give you wildly different results. Just in the last week we’ve seen polls either […]


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