Desperate Democrats can’t escape the Obama Administration’s mishaps

Democrats such as Allison Lundergan Grimes cannot seem to run away from President Obama fast enough! Democrats across the country are continuing to distance themselves from the president in hopes to avoid associating with his recent administration blunders including EPA regulations and ObamaCare — two issues that could be damaging to already vulnerable Senate seats. […]


Romney would top Obama if 2012 presidential election were held today

  Obama’s awfully low numbers shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.  This isn’t buyer’s remorse; this is American’s realizing they’ve been scammed by a man who is fundamentally failing as President one crisis at a time. It’s a bait and switch by a man who held himself out as a strong leader and a President who […]


With Obama’s image tarnishing, Democrats have the most to worry about

President Obama may be facing some serious issues with his image and competence within the public eye but Democrats facing midterm elections have the most to worry about. Chris Cillizza from the Washington Post stated yesterday that Obama campaigned in 2008 on restoring competence to government by putting the most qualified person in every position. […]


Obama’s low approval marks and the midterm elections

Check out what recent public opinion polling numbers say about Obama’s performance as president and how these numbers will impact the midterm elections for vulnerable Democrats. A recent CNN/Opinion Research poll  found 42 percent approving of Obama, one point below June, May and March; 55 percent have disapproved in each of the last three polls. Gallup’s daily tracking poll released Wednesday found […]


WPA Poll:Most Nevadans Disapprove of Clinton’s $225K UNLV Speaking Fee

University of Nevada–Las Vegas students aren’t the only ones taking issue with Hillary Clinton’s $225,000 speaking fee for an upcoming visit: Nevada voters are too. Our new poll finds that nearly twice as many likely Nevada voters think it was “unfair” of Clinton to accept nearly a quarter-million dollars for her appearance: 55 percent say it is unfair, […]


Obama may well be the next Woodrow Wilson

The last few weeks have shown us the tragic results when a President abdicates, and “abdicates” is the right word, his fundamental responsibility to lead America and lead the country in understanding its role in the world. While Obama golfs, poses for photo ops, fundraises, and rolls out narrow liberal agenda items related to government […]


Survey: China will surpass the United States as leading superpower

The numbers are out, a large amount of people worldwide believe that China will soon replace the U.S. as the world’s leading superpower. This notion has been reinforced by factors such as the U.S. economy struggling to regain its footing and as the Obama administration continues to draw extensive criticism for its underwhelming response to certain crises around the […]


Courtesy of the RNC: Troubling 2014 ObamaCare costs

The Republican National Committee aggregated recent data and news updates about ObamaCare and the rising costs associated with it. Below you can check out the RNC’s post about the Affordable Care Act and the detrimental effects the law  is producing all over the country. IN STATES AROUND THE COUNTRY, DEMOCRATS WILL NEED TO EXPLAIN OBAMACARE’S […]


ObamaCare continues to constrain small businesses

If Obama really wanted to put the economy back on track he wouldn’t have imposed the disastrous ObamaCare on the American people. To be perfectly honest the still-fragile U.S. economy simply cannot afford the costs of the Affordable Care Act. A recent Bloomberg poll shows that 60% of survey participants fear that health care costs will get worse within the next year and […]


Republicans are likely to take the Senate this November

Looking at the House, there’s virtually no chance that Democrats can win the 17 seats they need to topple Republican Speaker Boehner. This is especially true when you take into account that there aren’t a whole lot of competitive seats and the fact that this year’s midterm voters are projected to be more conservative, older […]


The majority of Americans agree with Cruz on the border crisis

Senator Ted Cruz appeared on the Sean Hannity Show last night to talk about the ongoing border crisis claiming that the majority of the unaccompanied children crossing the border are doing so because they believe they will receive amnesty and be allowed to stay in the United States. Cruz stated that the situation on the […]


Higher-risk ObamaCare enrollees to cause premium spikes this Fall

News about even more premium hikes was bouncing around the internet this morning and for good reason as insurers, taking a closer look at ObamaCare enrollees found that the group is older and sicker than expected as  young  folks took a pass on the healthcare law in early 2014. What this ultimately means is that premiums […]


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