Battleground Poll: Obama Continues To Be A Drag In Key Midterm States

Check out the numbers the Republican National Committee research team was able to put together illustrating Obama’s awful polling numbers on issues such as the economy, job performance, immigration, ObamaCare and the overall direction of the country. There is no doubt that these dreadful numbers will negatively impact Democrats running for and defending their House […]


Recent polls forecast Republican victory this November

With less than two months until the midterm elections,  Democrats face increasingly challenging odds of maintaining control of the Senate. Many more Democrats are up for re-election than Republicans this cycle, including several that are struggling heavily to keep their seats in critical swing states that Obama lost during his re-election campaign in 2012. Republicans […]


Iowa is causing trouble for Democrats

As one of the most critical Senate races unravels in Iowa, Democrats are trying to overcome the massive headache that is Obama’s weakening approval rating. According to Gallup, Obama’s approval rating among Iowans for the first half of 2014 stood at 38%, five percentage points below the national average and the lowest rating the pollster […]


WPA CEO Chris Wilson appears on NewsmaxTV to discuss midterm election predictions

(Video appearance from 9/3/14) WPA CEO Chris Wilson  appeared on NewsmaxTV earlier today to rebut Princeton University Professor Sam Wang’s prediction that Democrats will keep the Senate this November (Wang gives the Dems a 72% chance of holding onto the Senate). Take a look at Chris’s talking points below! The point he’s raising is actually a […]


Will African-American voter turnout help Democrats this November?

  Democratic strategists are hoping to bolster African-American turnout in an attempt to keep the Senate in their hands. But is this really anything new given the fact that African-Americans have been mostly voting Democratic for the last 50 years? For Democrats, focusing on African-American turnout has always made sense. So the fact that Democratic strategists are actually […]


Democrats should be worried about Benghazi (Fox News appearance)

Video from 8/29/14 Democrats are right to be worried.  Obama has weakened America abroad in ways that we’re only just beginning to discover and that’s going to come home to roost over the next few years. Benghazi is big, but it’s just one part of a pattern of failures all of which originate from Hillary […]


Future of GOP hinges on minority vote

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the RNC has stated that “Big changes are ahead for the GOP” and part of these vital changes includes catering to minority groups that have felt alienated in the past. Plain and simple, future Republican victories hinge on capturing the growing minority vote. The GOP is working to ensure that it […]


No dominant issue leads the midterms

To date there is no single, major issue that is grabbing the public’s attention as we move closer to midterm elections. Truly this election is about nothing but at the same time it’s about anything voters want it to be. While Republicans hammer down on Obamacare, the administration’s major foreign policy woes such as Benghazi and an economy […]


Why polling is necessary One of the most important questions facing any campaign is when and how often to conduct a survey.  Doing a poll is a little like getting married: you shouldn’t rush into it, it needs to be well planned, you need to be committed about doing it right and you must have a clear understanding […]


Republican Outreach to Minority Voters Must Be Consistent

The Republican Party needs to make a conscious effort in consistent outreach to Latinos and other minority voters; not only during election season. The party needs to dedicate a majority of their resources and time in minority outreach, a lesson Democrats learned last election cycle. Recent efforts like sending thousands of party workers into minority […]


Politico highlights GOP Senate advancements

Politico’s most recent Senate race ratings show Republicans gaining  critical ground in states that will decide which party takes control of the Senate this November. Politico made the biggest change  in Iowa, which the news outlet changed from Leans Democratic to Toss-up as Republican hopeful, Joni Ernst, has made some serious improvements. This could end […]


Democrats’ broken promises endanger Senate chances

When Senate Democrats were elected back in 2008, they promised the American people their progressive legislation and reform would benefit the middle class, minorities and women. But if you take a look at the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey data, it clearly shows their programs like most of this administration’s policies, are filled with broken […]


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