Were you at the AAPC Regional Conference in Sacramento?

I had the pleasure of attending a gathering in Sacramento for The AAPC (The American Association of Political Consultants) this week and visiting with many professionals who share my passion for campaigns, political research & analytics, and….fine dining.  Here are some things I observed that I wanted to share with you: Demand for sophisticated approaches to survey […]


Story time, with WPA…

Human beings are wired to interpret the world through stories.  We hear them as children, we see them in cultural communication, and we run them through our head almost anytime we encounter new information.  Anyone who’s walked through a busy public place with ear buds on and a playlsit going has indulged in the fantasy […]


Are You Ready for #GivingTuesday?

#GivingTuesday is almost here!  What the heck am I talking about, you wonder?  Well, there’s Black Friday for buying things for yourself at retail stores, and Cyber Monday for buying things for yourself online.  Giving Tuesday is the nationwide campaign to give something back to the world around you. Last year there were 2,500 partners […]


A Good Looking Candidate Does Not Always Mean a Good Candidate

This past week, Harvard Political Scientist Ryan Enos suggested something that defied what many Americans have assumed for years: Good looking candidates don’t always win elections. I know – this is truly shocking. But the truth is that attractiveness is not a deciding factor for the majority of people when it comes to elections. The […]


The Many Uses of Predictive Analytics

Last week on the WPA blog we discussed the differences between predictive analytics and traditional polling. Today, I want to dive into the advances that predictive analytics provide. When used properly, the data that predictive analytics provides can be used to make voter, consumer, donor, etc. contact efforts more efficient and effective. The use of […]


What do they have that we don’t have?

Forbes has a great new list out about the world’s most valuable brands.  At the top is Apple, surprising two time travelers from 1960 and no one else.  It’s easy to look at lists like this and think “well, sure, but they’re APPLE, they’re the big guys, of COURSE they’re going to have a valuable […]


Shaming vs Empowering donors

UNICEF has a new campaign out.  It certainly has shock value, but it shames and angers the audience.  As we’ve discussed, anger and shame are some of the most difficult motivating emotions to work with. This ad can grab your attention, but it makes you feel terrible.  I’m sure that the designers are trying to […]


Let Donors Know You Care

Constant email blasts are one of the top reasons donors stop giving to organizations and causes they support.  So why do fundraisers continue to blast their lists? Penelope Burk (who has a new book coming out on the topic) has some great thoughts . Fundraisers blast lists because they feel tremendous pressure to keep the […]


The Eight Primary Emotions and Marketing

Emotion is the express lane to decision making, so reviewing how they can be used is always worth your time.  The very readable Brain Juicer had a great recap of the eight primary emotions and the role they can play in marketing.  Head over there for the detailed breakdowns, but the quick snapshots are below. […]


The young are trendy, but adults spend money.

In a Forbes Business article yesterday titled “Subway, Google And Target Are Top Brands For Social Currency”, Kurt Badenhausen writes of the explosive growth in social media sites over the last half decade, and their implications for business, exploring social media as a means to reach new markets. Certainly, the evident carelessness with which the […]


Some People Only Watch for the Commercials

With the Super Bowl now behind us, it’s easy to forget that something much more than football occurred on last weekend. The massive audience allows companies to reach unequaled sections of the American population. They have the ability to captivate the attention of over 100 million people at a single time, which is nearly impossible […]


I’m Tired of Being Labeled

Whenever I walk around DC I try to zone a lot of things out. When you live in a city with so much overtly political material it can become annoying to see it, regardless of what party it represents. There are occasionally people trying to protest something or give you some sort of pamphlet on […]


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