Another WPA win; Martha Mcsally defeats Ron Barber in last House race of 2014

WPA is very proud that the use of our Predictive Analytics technique directly contributed to Congresswoman-elect Martha McSally’s win in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District! Republicans now hold an historic majority in the House, a whopping 247 seats! Check out what Politico has to say about her victory below. Article below is courtesy of Politico: Republican Martha […]


2014 Post-Election Analysis

2014 Post-Election Analysis From the firm that got 2014 right, check out WPA’s Post-Election Analysis and talking points below! On Election Day of 2014, Republicans won a big victory. And it really was a “Wave” victory, bigger than 2010 in a lot of important ways despite the fact that you’d never know it listening to […]


WPA Client Highlight: AG-elect Adam Laxalt talks about his priorities for Nevada

WPA Client Highlight: Attorney General-elect Adam Laxalt talks about his priorities for Nevada. Below is courtesy of the Las Vegas Review-Journal:   New AG Laxalt talks about his priorities for Nevada By LAURA MYERS On a recent Wednesday, Adam Laxalt sat in the foyer of The Venetian to help welcome to Las Vegas some 80 […]


WPA in the news; Louisiana Senate runoff poll

WPA has received a lot of media attention for our latest Louisiana Senate runoff poll, conducted on behalf of Independent Women’s Voice, which illustrates that Bill Cassidy holds a massive 24-point lead over Mary Landrieu. Check out all of the media highlights and our memo below! Daily Kos- Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: FiveThirtyEight-Senate Forecast: Landrieu […]


WPA Poll: Bill Cassidy leads Mary Landrieu by 24 points in the Louisiana Senate race

Below is courtesy of the Washington Examiner: Cassidy crushing Landrieu by 24 points By. David M. Drucker  Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy is poised for a landslide victory over Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu in a Saturday runoff election in Louisiana, according to a GOP poll shared with the Washington Examiner. Cassidy led Landrieu 57 percent to […]


Capitol Inside names WPA Partner, Chris Perkins, best pollster in Texas

ALL-STAR TEAM General Election Consultants Allen Blakemore Best of the 2014 Election Cycle Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor & Ryan Sitton for Railroad Commission Paul Bettencourt & Donna Campbell for Texas Senate Dave Carney Best Statewide Campaign Greg Abbott for Governor Rob Johnson & David White Best Statewide Campaign Duo Glenn Hegar for Comptroller Todd […]


WPA wishes you the best this Thanksgiving

Although the partisan political grind might take up most of your year (and yes, we’re thankful for our clients and for a new Republican majority in Washington, D.C.), join us in pausing to reflect on our most basic rights and on the ones we love—those for which we must truly be thankful.  


WPA in the news; Midterm election media roundup

Over the past couple of weeks, WPA has been highlighted in the news again and again for our exceptionally accurate poll numbers and advanced analytical techniques used in high profile senate and gubernatorial races.  We are very proud of the work that we did for Senator-elect David Perdue (GA), Governor-elect Larry Hogan (MD) and Governor-elect Greg Abbott (TX) and are especially pleased that […]


WPA: The only pollster to get Georgia right

WPA is proud to say that our poll numbers were right all along. While other GOP pollsters struggled to produce accurate numbers and projections this cycle, we accurately predicted the outcomes of key races that we were involved in, notably the Georgia Senate race! “Some Republicans thought the Georgia Senate race was destined for a runoff until David Perdue’s pollster, […]


How David Perdue knew he would win; Shout-out to WPA Partner Chris Perkins

The piece below highlights how WPA Partner and principal pollster for the Perdue campaign, Chris Perkins, had the numbers right all along! And though the popular belief was that this race would go into a runoff, Chris was the only pollster to assert that David Perdue would win the Georgia Senate race on Election Night! WPA […]


2014 Election Interview

WPA CEO Chris Wilson sat down with Michael Carnuccio of Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs for his Sunday TV show.  Following are the notes from their conversation: Polls showed voters favored Republican control of Congress by a single percentage point. How did this actually play out on Tuesday?   Obviously it played out a lot better […]


WPA: The only pollster to get Maryland right

Below is courtesy of FiveThirtyEight. By HARRY ENTEN: Of all the upsets Tuesday night, one stands above the rest: Maryland governor. FiveThirtyEight’s gubernatorial model projected that Democrat Anthony Brown would defeat Republican Larry Hogan by 9.7 percentage points — Brown was a 94 percent favorite. In fact, Hogan beat Brown by 5 percentage points. Our […]


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