WPA Saturday Media Roundup

Georgia Senate Race Fox & Friends (Video above): Senator Elect David Perdue gives a shout-out to WPA Partner Chris Perkins. Atlanta Journal Constitution:“Starved Of White Voters, Tuesday Night Was 2010 Redux For Democrats.” -Gives mention to WPA Partner Chris Perkins’s accuracy as Perdue’s principal pollster. Maryland Governor race FiveThirtyEight:  “Flying Blind Towards Hogan’s Upset Win In […]


Republican Polling Firms Are Coming Back With A Vengeance

I recently stumbled upon a Reuter’s article that struck my interest right away. The article was titled Insight: Republicans still seen falling behind in election data wars. In a nutshell this article spoke about how the Obama Campaign had the technological advantage when it came to data collection in the last Presidential election and that […]


WPA National Poll Finds That Obamacare’s Failures Would Have Led to Different 2012 Outcome

WPA Opinion Research conducted a national survey of 801 likely voters to gauge public perception on President Obama’s promise that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”  Consistent with recent public data, WPA found that the 2012 election would have been different had Obama voters been aware that their health care […]


Understanding Differences between Polling and Predictive Analytics

If the 2012 Presidential Election illustrated anything, it was that polling and predictive analytics are essential to a successful campaign. What is lost to many outside of the industry is that these are two separate concepts with very notable distinctions. To explain, polling or survey research uses a small but representative sample of data to […]


Public Opinion And The CR/Obamacare Fight

Much has been written about the upcoming fight on Obamacare.  The truth in that data is that Republican Primary Voters are going to react badly if Republicans don’t hold the line here.  Voters overall don’t like Obamacare, but it’s still unclear in the data whether they’ll accept a partial shut-down to get rid of it. […]


Wilson Perkins Allen wins “Pollie” for Cruz for Senate (R-TX) polling

WPA’s Adaptive Sampling and Predictive Analytics key to 2012 success WASHINGTON, DC—The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) has awarded a “Pollie” to Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research (WPA) for the firm’s work on behalf of Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate 2012. The Pollie for WPA’s Adaptive Sampling and Predictive Analytics methodologies allowed the firm […]


Obama and Political Polarization

One of the grand promises from Obama’s 2008 campaign was to break the partisan gridlock in Washington D.C.  His post-partisan slogan casting aside the notion of blue states and red states brought him to national prominence at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.   Obama’s quick rise from an Illinois State Senator in 2004 to President in […]


Trouble in DNC’s Data Land

The love affair between the Obama data team and the OFA/DNC leadership has taken a turn toward heart break, at least from the latest reports. It seems the tech team built most of the platforms and operational programs using open source code. Open source coding relies on the ethos that any code used should be […]


Capitol Inside Ranks WPA Top Pollster in Texas

General Consultants General Election – Multiple Candidates – Minimum 10 Points   Craig Murphy, Chris Turner – Murphy Turner & Associates Jimmie Don Aycock, Joe Barton, Greg Bonnen, Stefani Carter, Kyle Kacal, Kelly Hancock, Charlie Geren, Doug Miller, Larry Phillips, Larry Taylor, Ed Thompson, Republican Party of Texas, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, GOPAC-Texas, Dallas County […]


I’m Tired of Being Labeled

Whenever I walk around DC I try to zone a lot of things out. When you live in a city with so much overtly political material it can become annoying to see it, regardless of what party it represents. There are occasionally people trying to protest something or give you some sort of pamphlet on […]


Not everyone got it all wrong (notes from our analysis of results and thoughts on a path forward)

An analysis of a WPA results, national results, and how pollsters need to approach the future.  By Chris Wilson and Bryon Allen More than three months after Election Day 2012, many Republicans are still grousing about the victory that wasn’t. Attend any meeting of party leaders or consultants and the same stories are rehashed: on […]


The GOP Tech Gap

No, this isn’t (another) blog post bemoaning ORCA or the general lagging of the GOP behind the Democrats in campaign technology. This is the larger question-why don’t the people in the technology industry support the Republican Party? This situation makes sense if you buy into the Democrat talking point that the Republican Party is anti-science […]


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