Obama’s low approval marks and the midterm elections

Check out what recent public opinion polling numbers say about Obama’s performance as president and how these numbers will impact the midterm elections for vulnerable Democrats. A recent CNN/Opinion Research poll  found 42 percent approving of Obama, one point below June, May and March; 55 percent have disapproved in each of the last three polls. Gallup’s daily tracking poll released Wednesday found […]


What’s wrong in Appalachia (And what do we do about it?)

The early November statewide elections in Kentucky and West Virginia were something of a yawn compared to the excitement of 2009 where big Republican wins in Virginia and New Jersey presaged the 2010 wave that swept Republicans into a dominant position in the House and in states nationwide. In Kentucky, Republican nominee David Williams was […]


Washington Post Poll: Perry Leading Romney

The survey also show’s that self-identified Republicans believe that Rick Perry has the best chance to defeat Barack Obama in the general election by a 10 point margin. By Dan Balz and Peyton M. Craighill, Published: September 6 Aided by strong tea party support, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has surged in the race for the Republican […]


Courier Express: Our opinion: Corbett should drop unannounced bid

Disclaimer: Congressman Gerlach is a WPA Client Attorney General Tom Corbett should “take one for the team” and abandon his all-but-announced campaign for the Republican nomination as Pennsylvania’s next governor. The “team” is not Pennsylvania’s Republicans. The “team” is – us. Republicans. Democrats. Independents. Unregistered residents. Two years – and probably $10 million – ago, […]


WRS Vice President to Manage Gerlach for PA Gubernatorial Bid

WPA Vice President Scott Migli was named pollster for Jim Gerlach in his campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania earlier this year.  Today Scott is taking a temporary leave of absence from WPA to manage Congressman Gerlach’s bid.  WPA CEO Chris Wilson will take on the role as pollster for the Gerlach campaign and will handle […]


Townhall Protests Work

The Liberals may disagree, but the townhall protests work…


South Remains Most Conservative

A new analysis out shows that the South is still a hotbed of conservatives.  Notice that some swing states, like Florida and Virginia, are less conservative than their Southern brothers.  But, being more or less conservative is not necessarily an indication that a Democratic Presidential candidate can or can’t win there.  Look at Indiana and Ohio.  […]


Young Conservative Leaders Strategize to Win Back Youth Vote

WPA is proud to be a part of the Young Conservatives Coalition and serving with the Winston Group as the YCC’s pollster. In an effort to win back the youth vote, Senate Policy Committee Chairman Sen. John Thune (R-SD) and House Republican Whip Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) co-chaired a Young Conservatives Leadership Summit in Washington, […]


Waging War in Townhalls

Check out Tyler Harber’s recent post on Politics Magazine’s Campaign Insider’s Blog: Waging War in Townhalls As Congress adjourns for a month long recess, the most important battles over healthcare reform will be played out in townhall meetings in congressional districts all across the country. Why is this important? Simple answer: It’s all about earned […]


Peter Schiff raises record amount online

WPA client Peter Schiff, who is considering a run against Chris Dodd in Connecticut for U.S. Senate, rolls out a new website with the revelation that he has raised nearly half-a-million in less than three weeks despite being a political neophyte. Here is an article highlighting Schiff’s haul.


Obama Birth Issue Weakens Republican Base

A recently released survey indicates that 28% of Republicans believe that Obama wasn’t born in the United States, while only single digits of both Independents and Democrats think the same.  This is problematic for Republicans strategically as they struggle to find their voice of opposition while in the minority.  The issue here isn’t whether Obama […]


Trending Republican

In 2000, George W. Bush won about 48% of the popular vote, and 271 votes in the electoral college. In 2008, John McCain won 46% of the popular vote, but only 173 electoral votes. A lot of attention has been paid to the decline in Republican voting power in much of the country, especially in […]


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