Hispanic Americans continue to struggle in the Obama economy

FIVE YEARS INTO OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY HISPANIC INCOMES HAVE DECLINED WHILE POVERTY HAS GROWN (Research and Data Courtesy of the Republican National Committee) According To Federal Reserve Researchers, Hispanic Households Have Less Than A Quarter Of The Wealth Of Average American Households, Owning Only 2.2 Percent Of  All Wealth In The Country. “Hispanics make up 16.3% of […]


WPA CEO Chris Wilson appears on Fox News’s Varney & CO.

(TV appearance 9/30/14) WPA CEO Chris Wilson (@wilsonwpa) appeared on Fox News’s Varney & CO. to discuss President Obama’s countless policy woes and the midterm elections. Check out his talking points below! By Chris Wilson There are so many things the Democrats and Obama are doing wrong, it’s hard to pick just one. And each race […]


Republicans look stronger by the day

Over the past week, three prominent election forecasting models saw an upswing in the likelihood of Republicans winning the six seats they need to retake the Senate majority, due largely in part to the party’s heightened chances in states such as Alaska, Colorado and Iowa. Out of all three of the models, the Washington Post’s Election […]


Wilson Perkins Allen + Audience Exchange = Game Changer for Texas Campaigns

Below is courtesy of Targeted Victory September 25, 2014 by Team Targeted Victory Texas campaigns, take note: today, Targeted Victory is proud to announce the addition of custom audiences in Texas to our Audience Exchange data marketplace, the largest in American politics. These audiences are available for targeting to both self-service Targeted Engagement users and […]


2014 By The Numbers

It’s clear that Americans have not benefited under Democratic leadership, it’s time for change Under the current leadership we have not progressed as a country. The current administration has continued to amass debt, manage to take away health insurance coverage from hard working Americans who need it the most and has greatly limited the chance for Americans […]


Obama takes a hard hit on immigration

  Public approval has taken a nosedive for Obama yet again.  The eye-catching results from a new poll showcase how poorly Obama is doing when it comes to the way he is handling immigration. A recent New York Times/CBS poll shows that six in 10 voters disagree with the way Obama is handling immigration, which […]


Obama kisses his one last strong suit goodbye

Barack Obama, the president who briefly won over the American people when he ordered and supervised the mission to kill Osama bin Laden is no longer viewed as strong on fighting terrorism. As Obama’s approval rating has plummeted over the past year, he managed to remain strong in one area: combating terrorism. Even earlier this […]


Battleground Poll: Obama Continues To Be A Drag In Key Midterm States

Check out the numbers the Republican National Committee research team was able to put together illustrating Obama’s awful polling numbers on issues such as the economy, job performance, immigration, ObamaCare and the overall direction of the country. There is no doubt that these dreadful numbers will negatively impact Democrats running for and defending their House […]


WPA CEO Chris Wilson debates the implications of Hillary’s visit to Iowa on MSNBC

(video taken on 9/15/2014) WPA CEO Chris Wilson  appeared on MSNBC this morning to debate Democratic pollster, Margie Omero on what Hillary Clinton’s visit to Iowa and a recent WSJ poll showcasing a major drop in her approval means for her 2016 aspirations. Check out Chris’s talking points below! By Chris Wilson: This one moment gives us […]


A Day We Will Never Forget

“Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve.”- George W. Bush Today we pause to remember those who lost their lives during the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Our thoughts and […]


Charles Perry Wins Special Election for Senate Seat

Courtesy of The Texas Tribune: by John Reynolds and Bobby Blanchard Tallying 53 percent of the vote, state Rep.Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, won Tuesday’s special election for Senate District 28, avoiding a runoff in the six-candidate race. He will take the seat vacated by Robert Duncan, who left to become the chancellor of the Texas Tech University System. Perry held a commanding lead […]


WPA Poll: Bonnie Garcia leads California State Senate race

Our recent poll shows that Bonnie Garcia, running for California State Senate District 28, is in a position to win the election in November as she leads her opponent Jeff Stone by seven points! Our survey finds that she is better-known, better-liked and is leading or tied in all of the following key voter groups: […]

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