When Senate Democrats were elected back in 2008, they promised the American people their progressive legislation and reform would benefit the middle class, minorities and women. But if you take a look at the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey data, it clearly shows their programs like most of this administration’s policies, are filled with broken promises.

Since the Senate Democrats won the majority in 2008, the average real income of the poorest one-fifth of American families has declined every year, falling to $15,534 in 2012 from $16,962 in 2008. The average real income of the lowest bracket of Americans is now below the level it was in 1968, the year when the War on Poverty began.

The next-highest income bracket, “the working class”, has also experienced a steady decline in real income since January 2009. The average income of these Americans has fallen 6.5%.

The third income bracket, “the middle class” has seen its average income decline to $62,464 from $65,672. Taking note that more than half of this decline has occurred since the recovery officially began in 2009.

In Alaska, household income in 2012 was 7.2% lower than it was at the end of 2008, falling back to its 1988 level. In Arkansas, household income has dropped 8.2%. Colorado households have 13.5% less income than they did before Democratic Senate was elected into office. The same is true in Louisiana, where household income has fallen 7.9%. And in North Carolina, household income has declined 10.2%..

The Census data also does a great job of showing that the progressive programs promoted by the Democrats hasn’t helped women at all. Under the Obama administration, the median income of women has fallen more than it did during the recession.

Minorities haven’t benefited either. The real median income of Black households has fallen by 9.5%, Hispanic income has fallen every year since 2008. According to the latest census data, the income of middle-class Hispanics is lower than when Jimmy Carter was president and that’s really saying something.

The Democratic Party’s massive victory in 2008 led to a huge movement that encompassed a progressive agenda. But instead of that agenda providing any real change or benefits, it has only resulted in economic failure for middle class Americans. Democrats are now endangered of losing the Senate because their policies have hurt the very people they were supposed to benefit.



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