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Courtesy of Gallup News: Chart Points Out That Small Businesses Face Operational, Regulatory Challenges


Volunteering Levels In America Fall To An All-Time Low

  Last year saw the lowest volunteering levels since the government has been keeping track, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Just over 62 Million Americans volunteered for an organization at least one time between September 2012 and September 2013, the Bureau pointed out, that’s roughly one fourth of all adult Americans. 2002 was the […]


Big Changes Are Coming For The GOP

Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus stated that there were some big changes in store for the GOP. He was quoted in an interview with Mike Huckabee saying “What’s happened over the last several years at the RNC is that we have become, unfortunately, an organization that has shown up about once every four years, five […]


The Traveling “Pollie”

  Where Will the “Pollie” go Next?   In 2013, the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) awarded  WPA a “Pollie” Award for Best Polling Technique for a successful US Senate election (Ted Cruz Campaign).  WPA developed an adaptive sampling and predictive analytics methodology in a year where most Republican pollsters struggled with accuracy and […]


The numbers for February 24, 2014

Good Monday morning folks. It was an eventful weekend around the world, while thing here at home were pretty quiet.  So this week’s numbers will have something of an international perspective. For those of you don’t care about strange foreign lands…well no one’s reading this anyhow so I guess it doesn’t matter. So for the […]


WPA Study Shows Improved Finances Unlikely to Mean Quick Jump in Donations

“The Dunham+Company/Wilson Perkins Allen State of Philanthropy Study found that even though a significant  percentage of Americans said their personal financial situation has  improved, a majority said they do not intend to increase their support  of charitable organizations this year”. You can find more about the Study by clicking the link below.


What Makes America Great?

What Makes America Great? I’ve heard it all my life.  My parents imparted it as fact, schoolteachers lectured with it as an indisputable premise and politicians use it to rile up a crowd during a fiery speech – “America is the greatest nation on earth.” It’s a simple phrase taken as a holy fact by […]


North Korea’s Murderous Regime Exposed Again

  North Korea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Hermit Kingdom, whatever you want to call it has one of the worst human rights violation records in history. Just to give you an idea of how gross and despicable the regime is, the recently released Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights report detailed imprisonment, […]


Was Afghanistan Worth It?

Last Saturday marked 25 years since Soviet Forces left Afghanistan. Before the United States’ invaded Afghanistan in 2001 the Soviets were the last Superpower to occupy the country, from 1979 to 1989. Afghanistan has been called the “graveyard of empires”. Just as Alexander the Great could not conquer the country, the Soviets found their efforts […]


Venezuela: A Problem In Our Own Backyard

  Venezuelans unhappy with the devastated economy and rising crime were confronted again last week by security forces who fired tear gas and bean bag bullets into the crowd. Thousands of anti-government protesters stopped traffic on a major street in Caracas, days after 7 Caracas protesters died in the violence. The confrontations, which have left 61 injured, […]


The Numbers for 2/17/2014

Good Monday morning folks. I’m fighting a terrible cold and already am behind before the week even starts.  So it’s going to be that kind of week. Some days I wish I had a normal job where I could pop some Nyquil, go back to bed, sleep all day, and deal with the backlog when […]


People Will Choose Giving Chocolate Over Flowers For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated on Feb. 14 since the late 400’s AD. However, back then the event resembled nothing of what it is today, as it was meant for Catholics to recognize St. Valentine. In the modern day, Valentine’s Day resembles something more along the lines of Christmas, as far as receiving large, expensive […]


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